Which recommendation type should I use?
It's recommended to use SRec Smart recommender. However recommendation by similar game tags is safe choice since it provide most stable recommendations.
There are mistakes in game's data.
If the data comes from Steam, there's nothing I can do about it. But take note it might be because SRec shows outdated data. I don't manually edit any data since it's time-consuming and would be overwritten when SRec system obtain updated game data from Steam server.
Your website missing some features.
Some features may not be implemented because it‘s either,
  • Already available on Steam.
  • Implemented by other websites (such as SteamDB).
  • Difficult to implement and maintain by myself.
Otherwise, i might implement features you mentioned, especially if it‘s related to AI/ML and doesn‘t empty my wallet.
What SRec doesn't do.
SRec doesn't support piracy and unauthorized seller. On each game's page, SRec only shares links to Steam Store and game's official website. Required age and content warnings are also shown when such information is available.


What are known limitations of SRec recommender system?
SRec only able to give recommendations for games that have a sufficient quantity of game tags/reviews and have already been released for some time. Based on closed testing, it‘s also known that SRec recommender system
  • Perform poorly when recommending similar meme/joke games.
  • Occasionally recommend unrelated popular games.
  • Has some bias towards popular games.
What are known limitations of SRec review insight?
SRec review insight is only available for games with sufficient eligible reviews and not available for very popular games. Our criteria for eligible review are based on minimum words, minimum characters, English language, low funny/helpful ratio and contain lots of specific characters (lower case, upper case and number). Some funny or off-topic reviews (e.g. mentioning recipe of food) occasionally manage to pass our filter. Lastly, our keyword group sometimes groups unrelated words.
Your recommendations for certain game isn't good enough.
That‘s unfortunate. I only could recommend you to find community of that game for similar game recommendations or try more recommenders such as Quantic Foundry.
How often are the recommender systems updated?
Every day for recommender based on game tags. Every 1-2 weeks for other recommenders.
Why recommendation on page "/app/[appid]" and "/recommended/[type]/[appid]" is different?
It might be caused by cache misconfiguration on either Cloudflare or SRec side. In this case, i'd recommend to use recommendations from the page "/recommended/[type]/[appid]".