Welcome to SRec, a website for AI/ML-based video game recommendations which is available on the Steam store. While it‘s easy to find recommendations for popular games, it could be tricky for less popular games. SRec aims to provide decent recommendations for all kinds of games. SRec also provides review insight of Steam games based on user reviews.
While Steam already provides recommendations through the Interactive Recommender and More Like This (click for an example) feature, sometimes it‘s just not good enough. To tackle the limitation, SRec offers 2 recommendation systems that provide different variety of similar games:
  • Recommendation based on similar game tags.
  • Smart recommendation which utilizes Steam user preferences, game tags and other game metadata.
SRec is developed by Sandy Khosasi. You can see my other works on GitHub and HuggingFace. All data shown on this website are obtained from Steam. I use PyTorch to train recommender models and TorchServe to serve trained models. I also utilize PostgreSQL to manage hundred million rows of data and meet requirements to create some SRec features.