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Let It Flow

Mar 5, 2021


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What happens when you let your Youtube community make a game? Well, you're looking at it. Chat tells me what to make and so I build it for them. I have no choice but to fulfill their wishes. Don't judge me.


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Image for Introvert: A Teenager Simulator

One of the new guys in school tells you he’s going to shoot up the school if he doesn’t make friends in 5 days. Discover the decisions, people, situations you will encounter while playing and trying to make friends of your own and living your own life.

Image for Garfield Kart

Join Garfield and his friends in the funniest fast and fur-ious game! What character do you want to play with? Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal... you choose! Take part in no-holds-barred crazy races.

Image for Bro Falls

Bro Falls is an asymmetric massively multiplayer party game with chaotic elements, trap activations and big Falls. Up-to 60 online players in a showdown party and only one who can get the victory. Play as Brokkoli to activate the traps or avoid them as a juicy food and win the rounds.

Image for Chair Simulator

Buy chairs. Sit down. Accumulate Sit Points through the all-new Sit Point System. Spend your Sit Points on new chairs! The possibilities are endless. Chair Simulator has all your favorite chairs, from Eames, Starcke, Bertoli, Corbusier, Thonet, Emeco, Panton, Jensen, Breuer, Van Der Rohe and more!

Image for Alpaca Stacka

A 3D adventure platformer where you play as a kind alpaca dedicated to helping their animal friends.


Jump into it with *NEW* EPIC SCUFFED BHOP SIMULATOR 2023 POG CHAMP, a new parkour game which has spicy memes, graphics, and physics engine! Play with up to 10 friends in multiplayer and by yourself in single player!

Image for MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform fighter that lets you team up with your friends using some of the most iconic characters including Batman, Shaggy, & more!

Image for Muck

Muck is a survival-roguelike. Collect resources, find items & build a base to survive for as long as you can.

Image for Slappyball

It's hands playing volleyball. Compete online and show who has the better ball handling skills. Style on your opponents through skill and a superior fashion sense.

Image for Bean

Bean is a completely satire single player first person parkour game. Use WASD keys to walk. You can grapple using your burger onto the orange blocks using left click. You are the red bean trying to get to the other 5 beans.

Image for Garfield Kart - Furious Racing

Garfield, the famous lasagna-loving cat is back to take on Jon, Odie and company in a no-holds-barred racing game!

Image for Crab Game

Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you play through several different minigames based on children's games, until only one player stands victorious.

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