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Image for Virtual telescope
Virtual telescope

Jul 16, 2018


Anton Shatalov


Anton Shatalov

Get the star sky that is above you and visit other planets in the virtual reality!


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Image for 三国虎将传VR-Sanguo Warriors VR

This is a sub-era realistic VR game. The game tells the story of the player passing through time and space and fighting ancient fighters. You can use dozens of weapons to fight, you can experience the system and growth of traditional RPG, and gain experience and money weapon props through battle and exploration, and constantly improve...

Image for Apollo 11 VR HD

Apollo 11 VR HD is the story of the greatest journey ever taken by humankind. Now you get to experience this historic event through the eyes of those who lived through it.

Image for Bleeding Hunt VR Chap.1

Experience the movie-like escaping plot with chasing, shooting, and thrilling!The game brings player a short but satisfying VR experience by reproducing the process of a highly-intense chasing plot with the highest quality of game graphic that you’ve ever seen so far in VR!

Image for Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator

Join up! Do your part! There is a long journey ahead And we Need You! Are you ready for the lab? Join the intergalactic quality assurance team and see if you got what it takes to be an quality assurance agent

Image for Eternity Warriors™ VR

Eternity Warriors™, an action game franchise is globally recognized by millions of fans, debuting 6 years ago on mobile. Packed with classical action game essences, high-definition visual, and real-time multiplayer features.

Image for ZomDay

As zombie crisis broke out around the world,you will play one of the warrior of S.E.A.T(Special Event Action Team)to fight against the zombies all over the world.ZomDay is a fast pace VR shooting game contains multi-player mod,exciting Boss fight,character perk and hardcore weapon system.

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Image for Drunk or Dead

Drunk or Dead is a fun party game. A virus has turned all sober people into zombies. Go bar hopping in the midst of the apocalypse! Drink in the company of survivors and finish off hordes of zombies! Set your own record!

Image for RUSH

Are you ready for the ultimate thrill ride? Take a dive into the adrenaline-pumping world of wingsuit flying with RUSH! Soar down mountainsides at breakneck speeds. Weave through canyons, dodge outcrops, and plummet down sheer drops as you race towards the finish line.

Image for VR Flush

You are sitting on a toilet when you are abducted and beamed up to an alien spaceship, where you have to convince an A.I. that you really are an intelligent lifeform.

Image for Torn

Torn is a dark science-fiction mystery. Explore the abandoned mansion of Dr. Lawrence Talbot, an eccentric scientist missing for 64 years. Use the Gravity Tool to activate Talbot’s machines, then transport to the strange dimension known as “The Parallel.”

Image for Biathlon Battle VR

Biathlon Battle VR is a game dedicated to biathlon. This sport is a combination of skiing and rifle shooting. You can participate in championships, ski through snow-covered forests and mountains and get gold cups.

Image for BAAM SQUAD

BAAM SQUAD is a VR zombie co-op shooter following a band of four brave agents seeking to shoot, loot and run in order to solve the mystery case of Santana's Sweets Factory: The place where it’s been taken over by zombies eating human flesh and candies!

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