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Bighead Runner

Jun 7, 2018





Bighead Runner is an arcade endless runner that challenges you to collect coins and conquer the leaderboards! Dash, jump, and slide through procedurally generated stages, striving to beat your best score and unlock awesome skins.


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Image for Planes, Bullets and Vodka

Fly through danger filled procedurally generated tunnels, avoiding thousands of enemies, on this throwback to the golden age of arcade games.

Image for Rock 'N' Roll Defense

Rocked by an explosive soundtrack, choose your band, place your equipments and defend the Rock 'N' Roll from everyone and everything who try to pull it down, on a totally hardcore tower defense!

Image for Razortron 2000

RAZORTRON 2000 is a retro top-down endless racing game. Try to beat your highscore, unlock new cars and climb your way to the top of the leaderboards on this love letter to coin eater arcade machines era!

Image for Cyberhunt

Cyberhunt is a retro procedurally generated twin stick shooter, that takes you back to the sweet to the sweet arcade machines era!

Image for Ding Dong XL

Ding Dong XL is a neon-infused one button arcade game. It is an addictive 'just-one-more-round' score chaser, perfect for playing while waiting in queue for another game.

Image for Road Scars: Origins

Ride day and night, taking on risky jobs for the Road Baron, avoiding traffic and other bikers on endless dangerous roads, all of that while you blast some original punk rock music!

Image for Bit Blaster XL

A throwback to the classic quarter eating arcade games of the 80's. Bit Blaster XL is a retro styled, addictive, and fast paced arcade shoot 'em up! (shmup).

Image for UBERMOSH

UBERMOSH is an arcade game about cutting bullets with a sword, in a gun-filled cyberpunk mosh pit.

Image for Barro

Choose your little car and race!

Image for Righty Tighty XL

Righty Tighty XL is the third of three games in my minimalist arcade series that share aesthetics while having different control and game play. It is an addictive 'just-one-more-round' arcade score chaser, perfect for playing while waiting in queue for another game.

Image for Hyper Simon X

Hyper Simon X is an Arcade Shoot 'Em Up Puzzle game that ingeniously blends SHMUP mechanics with the classic nostalgia of 'Simon Says' memory games. Prepare for a challenge like no other as you destroy the enemies in the exact order displayed!

Image for Orbt XL

Defy Gravity! Orbt XL is an intense, addictive and fun 'just-one-more-round' score chaser. Perfect for playing while waiting in queue for another game.

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