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Image for 公主的逃脱日常

Mar 7, 2018







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Image for 東方憑依華 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers.

今度の異変は二人で一人? いまだ煽り続ける都市伝説が新たな異変を引き起こす 今度の異変は二人が一人!?ならば二人で解決するしかない!

Image for A Perfect Day

Revisit and repeat the final moments of China's turn of the century in this narrative puzzle adventure. Play a 6th-grade student and greet classmates, explore secrets, play mini-4WD, or just wander around town. Make your choices to create a perfect day for everyone!

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Image for 永远消失的幻想乡 ~ The Disappearing of Gensokyo

"The Disappearing of Gensokyo" is a Touhou Project doujin game from MyACG Studio, a Chinese doujin game fan circle. We have re-imagined Touhou as an ARPG, creating this "Danmaku-Shooting-ARPG". We hope this game will be a good experience for those who are both new and knowledgeable of Touhou!

Image for RAIN Project - a touhou fangame

RAIN Project is a Touhou fangame re-imagined as a platforming boss-bash! After a ritual gone wrong, the newbie shrine maiden Sanae awakes in a world of fantasy. With only the storms to guide her, Sanae sets off to scale a towering mountain in search of answers.

Image for Legend of Homebody

The simple game of a shut-in learning from home and earn money. (The game is purely fictional, do not try this out in reality. This is a somewhat serious and heavy game, so don't be fooled by appearances.)

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Image for Path Of Wuxia

Path of Wuxia combines classic wuxia world and youthful school life with anime art style, features simulation gameplay well known by Heluo fans. Play as a young Xia who join the academy known as the Hermitic Pavilions of Xia, grow strong along with various schoolmates and seek your own path of Xia.

Image for Lisa's Memory - 丽莎的记忆


Image for Touhou Genso Wanderer -Lotus Labyrinth R-

Venture into dungeons with a huge party of your favorite Touhou characters! This is a dungeon-crawler RPG with an absurdly large party size! Lead tons of your favorite Touhou characters at once and conquer the impregnable Lotus Labyrinth dungeon!

Image for Shoppe Keep 2 Character Creator Preview

Jump into a preview of Shoppe Keep 2's whimsical character creator! Download now and receive an exclusive Golden Keeper outfit for your character in Shoppe Keep 2 when it launches!

Image for Touhou Shoujo Tale of Beautiful Memories / 東方少女綺想譚

Journey through a pixelated, isometric version of Gensoukyou in this quasi-3D action RPG! Dash and jump to avoid enemies, or shoot them down from far! Hit the right buttons at the right time to accumulate power and battle efficiently! Play as Reimu and friends and get to the bottom of the incident!

Image for Touhou Tenkuushou ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

桜を見ながら西瓜を割り、紅葉を見ながら鍋をつつく こんな季節に誰がした! イレギュラーでシーズナルなシューティング幻想!

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Image for Long Dream

Zhao Sheng, a retired postman, has been suffering from dementia over the past years. He insists that his partner Qi Mei is waiting for him under a peach tree. Zhao Sheng’s family didn't want him to leave with any regrets and decided to go and find that peach tree he had been talking about...

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