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The Ultimate Heist

Dec 21, 2017


Smash Game Studios


Smash Game Studios

Ever wanted to go on an adventure where you get to infiltrate some of the most High Security Vaults across the world? We have you covered, use the gadgets at your disposal to neutralize your foes!


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Image for Cubiques

Cubiques brings you a collection of challenging puzzles with a minimalistic and incredibly beautiful environment. It's a relaxing game, that is loaded with calming music and sounds that engage players through a fun adventure. The main character is a red cube which main objective is to move through all tiles on each level.

Image for Rocks and Rockets

Rocks and Rockets - a terrific action game where you have to control the rocket and to cope with a very hostile environment.

Image for Music Band Manager

Always dreamed of creating your own music band? We will realize your dream! Record songs, release albums and manage group activities! With the advancement of the group, managers will help you, and you will also have to face more than one difficult choice. Compete for a place in the top 100! Conquer the whole world!

Image for Mover

Mover is simplified Top-Down ACT game, You need to escape from different enemies to reach the end.Every floor is procedural, but this is only the first time you open the program.Game Features Minimum design,intuitive gameplay Retro cyberpunk art style

Image for Yissa Deep Realms

Hardcore action platformer with multiple endings that depend on your choices.

Image for Equalizer

Equalizer is a musical arcade game in which you act as the main character inside a music tape recorder where you have to jump on platforms and discover new possibilities, such as music tracks and environments.

Image for Boom Box Blue!

Boom Box Blue is a frenzied skill based physics game. This is what you get if you merge Tetris with physics and throw some bombs into the mix!

Image for Luvocious

Luvocious is not just one, but three different stories with three different worlds spanning across three different eras. Experience a modern high school student's life in a Japanese inspired town. Battle monsters in the past as a Princess and explore a spooky research facility on the moon in deep space.

Image for Monarch of Greed - Act 1

In Labyrinth Mode, challenge 9 levels, with each one being more challenging than the last! In Story Mode, control various characters and make the right choices to avoid the multiple dead ends and find a way to get out of an abandoned orphanage.

Image for Object "Cleaning"

You have to get out of the laboratory, defeat monsters, using a different arsenal of weapons: from mines to machine gun turrets.

Image for Pukan Bye Bye

Created to enrage.

Image for FoxyLand

Ah... love, Love... How beautifully in one word. My mind is racing, my stomach flutter butterflies, heart racing. Are you willing to do anything to give a million cherries, collect all the jewels and even save your favorite?

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