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Image for Rig or Skill: PC Brawl
Rig or Skill: PC Brawl

Mar 9, 2018


Don't Bite Devs


No Gravity Games

Free to play, air hockey style arena humorously referring to internet culture. Attack your opponent’s computer by decreasing its FPS capability. Defend your own virtual PC. Climb the ranks online and compete in league seasons!


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Image for Resume: The Video Game

Resume: The Video Game is an arcade style indie game, intended to demonstrate my game development ability. Play these fun mini-games: Brick Fish Racing, a multiplayer extraterrestrial racing game; Flap Tapper, a rhythmic flying game; and Chris Kerfuffle, a death match with quick size changes!

Image for Frontier Runner

In Frontier Runner video game you play a character role in the mid-22nd century who was selected to travel on one of the first exploration ships that left earth to find new homes to expand mankind faiths, and ideologies.

Image for Name The Song Quiz

Guess name of the song! Contest with friends and family, up to 18 local players. Play in teams. Use your favorite songs.

Image for Freakshow:Anniversary

The circus is back in town! Come have some fun at the Freakshow circus! What will you discover?

Image for Google Spotlight Stories: Piggy

A jogging pig meets a delicious cake. Will he give in to temptation? Not while you’re watching! Google Spotlight Stories presents Piggy VR, a new level of interaction between character and audience. Directed by Jan Pinkava & Mark Oftedal. Produced with Evil Eye Pictures.

Image for Ahlman Arcade 2018

Ahlman Arcade 2018 is a collection of games made by the game industry students at Ahlman Institute.All games were made during our ten month long school year as a joint effort between the programmers and graphic designers.

Image for Orbos

Cute and chaotic fun! Play as one of 7 different character classes in a quick and deadly multiplayer PvP arena shooter where only the quick witted survive. Compete against your friends in classic team deathmatch or overcharge yourself and pummel the enemy base in our Orbomb game mode!

Image for The Fool

A great danger threatens the kingdom – the dragon has devastated our lands. Help a gentle Fool defeat the Dragon and become a Hero. Win the heart of the princess in this fantastic adventure tale of good and evil.

Image for Forever Space

This experimental short story is more of an interactive experience than a "game". It is based on an original story by Catalina Leon and presented through key moments over several days. Play as Greg who must decide whether lapses in his memory are just paranoia, or something more sinister.

Image for Car Crash Couch Party

CCCP Is a local multiplayer party game!

Image for The Outer Rim: Survivor

Welcome to The Outer Rim, where fast paced action and space combat meet. The Outer Rim: Survivor missions are free to download and play...Pure Action, Pure Mayhem - How long can you last?

Image for MazeBot

“Awake! Your next cycle is close. Fulfill your purpose, do as you are told!”

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