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Jan 21, 2018


Team Syukino


Team Syukino

Luvocious is not just one, but three different stories with three different worlds spanning across three different eras. Experience a modern high school student's life in a Japanese inspired town. Battle monsters in the past as a Princess and explore a spooky research facility on the moon in deep space.


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Image for Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1

Latona Research Station has been destroyed by unknown assailants. The only survivor is a young girl who was rescued by the Starship Quicksilver and her renowned captain.

Image for Let's Learn Japanese! Hiragana

Want to learn to read Japanese? Let's start with hiragana! Learn the Japanese alphabet through puzzles and arcade-style challenges.

Image for Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 3

A mining fleet gone rogue on the edge of space. Dangerous figures emerging from the past. This year could be a killer.

Image for Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 2

As Margaret Dale enters her second year at the academy, she begins to suspect that one of her classmates might possess some unusual abilities. Meanwhile, Gail and Sabina undertake an investigation into suspicious activities at Union Station.

Image for Space Pilgrim Academy: Reunion

Margaret Dale crosses the galaxy in search of her lost mother, determined to solve once and for all the mysteries surrounding the destruction of Latona station.

Image for Puzzle Chambers

What would you do if you woke up in a mysterious place with supernatural abilities and the suspicion that your hosts might be aliens?

Image for Fairy of the treasures

In the game Fairy of the treasures you have to help a young fairy Mei to open magic chests and hidden gems, and gold! The game is a clicker with elements of visual novel.

Image for Captain Firebeard and the Bay of Crows

“Captain Firebeard and the Bay of Crows” is an adventure/comedy visual novel with an “arcade style” minigame that will have you holding your sides with its sharp humour and at the edge of your seat with its addictive minigame.

Image for Let's Learn Japanese! Katakana

Want to read Japanese? Let's learn katakana! Learn the whole katakana alphabet through puzzles and arcade-style challenges.

Image for Restoration

Two siblings; Oliver and Penello, answer their dying Grandma's wish and make their way to Phren Village. A seemingly peaceful village filled with tranquility. But on the inside, It is a village void of hope and on the brink of succumbing to despair and darkness.

Image for MEANDERS

MEANDERS is a sparkling adventure through a series of funny and relaxing challenges in a colourful setting.

Image for The Forbidden Arts

The Forbidden Arts is an old-school action adventure platformer with a focus on discovery and exploration. You play as Phoenix, a young boy who seeks to master the element of fire in a grand adventure of ancient magic.

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