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Image for Birds Huddled Together
Birds Huddled Together

Apr 30, 2024


Catnip studio


Catnip studio

A puzzle game all about birds, with each piece featuring a uniquely colored and shaped bird. This game includes two fun puzzle modes, over a hundred bird patterns, and ten beautifully illustrated bird images. Come and see how many you can recognize!


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Image for PomoFarm

PomoFarm is half focus timer and half idle farming game! As Tomato the Duck, grow your farm as you focus on tasks in the real world!

Image for Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

Join Snufkin in this musical adventure about restoring harmony and balance to Moominvalley, protecting it from the industrious Park Keeper.

Image for Hidden Cats In Breeze Village

Find cute cats in Breeze Village. Can you find them all? Meow Meow...Kittens are calling you!

Image for Papercut Art Gallery-Nature

An artistic puzzle game inspired by paper cutting art. Piece together fragments of paper cutouts to restore the nature-themed artworks in the gallery.

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Find 100 cats hiding in China in this cute hand-drawn hidden object game

Image for Cats Spotter 猫咪观察员

Welcome to "Cats Spotter"! This is a light-hearted and enjoyable casual game where your mission is to find all the hidden cats on a colorful and vibrant Meow Planet.

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I Love Finding Cats is a classic Hidden Object game. Explore a variety of different hidden object scenes, lots of minigame puzzles and most importantly collect all the adorable cats!

Image for Dogs Huddled Together 挤在一起的狗狗们

Enjoy a therapeutic dog puzzle game where every piece is an adorable dog. Adjust the difficulty as you like, explore two intriguing puzzle modes, and let hundreds of dogs bring you comfort!

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Plantabi is a chill sandbox game where you take care of adorable plants and design the cozy little garden of your dreams!

Image for Cats in the Ancient City of Gu Su

Embark on a journey to find adorable cats in the ancient city of Gu Su during the Qianlong reign 265 years ago! Let the cats create delightful encounters with historical scenes and figures.

Image for Find Cats 喵星寻猫

“A cute game for cat lovers of all ages! There are several maps and the opportunity to look for furry ones that are hiding intelligently!”

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"HER TREES : The Puzzle House" is an unusual escape game. There are no items to acquire, You have to move and combine objects to solve the password. Solve the mystery of this strange room.

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