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Image for Hentai Misuzu
Hentai Misuzu

Apr 23, 2024


Cyber Keks


Cyber Keks

What could be more beautiful than hentai?


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Image for I`m Isekai Hero

Welcome to the extraordinary and magical island of your dreams! If you have always wanted to reach the island where the secret desires of every man come true, then this is the very island where it is possible!


This casual game combines two major elements: "plot" and "match-three strategy." In this game, players not only get to experience the classic match-three gameplay, achieving goals by eliminating identical elements, but also delve deep into various plot sub-stories with the goddesses in each level.

Image for Hentai Tales: The Neko Returns

You once lived a happy life with your three adopted cats, but one day they died. When you grieve at their graves, a miracle happens. The cats have transformed into catgirl and come to repay you for your kindness in raising them. What will happen?

Image for Hentai MILF Chloe

MILF Chloe is here to help you. She will REWARD you if you finish your chores 🧡 you can just sit back and RELAX.. 🧡

Image for Asian Foxes

Cute Asian Foxes wag their tails and pin their ears. They are alert and sniffing with their noses, one claps her hands and the other even bares her fangs in excitement. You go to meet them.

Image for Hentai Elf

Hentai Elf is a jigsaw puzzle. You must use your wisdom to put the puzzle back to its original shape.

Image for Master of Vtuber

There are many reasons why someone would want to become a Vtuber, but regardless of the initial motivations for embarking on this journey, there is only one ultimate goal – to become a Vtuber Master who is loved and welcomed by the audience, capable of standing out on their own!

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Image for Horrific Xanatorium

A world where Spilia, a virus that causes delusions and hallucinations, has become epidemic. A horror visual novel game set in a hospital where patients are isolated.

Image for My love with the GirlsGroup

Beneath Seoul's luminous skyline, you, a chauffeur, thrust into intrigue when you intercept an order from the nation's girl group darlings. Love's allure and career's radiance beckon - what path will you tread?

Image for Seeds of Paradise

A mini side story set in the same universe as "Sylvie's Bar" featuring a different flavor of monster girl brothels. You play an overworked man who's all but run out of luck, but the sadistic strawberry girl who keeps the business running may just take pity on you, yet.

Image for Butterfly again

In a world where not everyone has magic, the kingdom is suffering from an infestation known as "Insect Demon". But only those who can use magic can see the Insect Demon...

Image for Is It Wrong To Try To Rescue Monster Girls From The Inquisition?

Solve otherworldly puzzles, rescue quirky monster girls and uncover the secrets of the kingdom together in this light-hearted isekai visual novel.

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