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Apr 26, 2024





In this experimental horror wander the endless randomly generated mall and encounter the strange and unique entities that inhabit it. Death is your best guide in learning how to exist in this place.


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Image for It Steals

AROUND EVERY CORNER. Face against stealthy antagonists that will take advantage of your expectations.

Image for POOLS

Walking simulator. Explore, admire and listen. Uncanny. Relaxing. Unnerving. Eerie. Immersive. No monsters chasing you or jumping towards at your screen, but can feel oppressive at times by invoking fears of getting lost, the dark, tight spaces and liminal space architecture. Inspired by backrooms.

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Image for Content Warning

Film your friends doing scary things to become SpöökTube famous! (strongly advised to not go alone)

Image for Shipwrecked 64

A recovered copy of a lost game from the late 1990s about a Beaver named Bucky and his friends trying to escape from an island they crashed upon.

Image for KinitoPET

KinitoPET is a psychological horror experience that takes place through Kinito, an early 2000s virtual assistant. Kinito is able to walk, talk, browse, adapt, and play games as Kinito is like no other with its adaptive technology!

Image for Backrooms Rec.

Dive into the Backrooms' mysteries in a solo-developed survival game. Explore eerie corridors, uncover secrets solo or in multiplayer ( 5 players max ), and face unique challenges. Coming soon to Steam Early Access.

Image for Peaks of Yore

Travel around The Great Gales to climb challenging peaks in this physics-based climbing adventure set in 1887. Meet like-minded mountaineers, unlock helpful climbing gear, and become a pioneer of mountaineering.

Image for Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor is a survival crafting experience for 1-6 players set in the depths of an underground research facility. Caught between paranormal containment failure, a military crusade, and chaos from a dozen realms, the world’s greatest minds must survive against the universe’s biggest threats.

Image for A Difficult Game About Climbing

This is a difficult game about climbing.

Image for Oh Deer

One Hunter, and up to four more friends disguised as deer. In this thrilling game of hide-and-seek where every move could be the last. Will you blend in with the herd or stand out? Oh Deer...

Image for The Pony Factory

Winston thought he could use heavy machinery and power from the depths of hell to transform sinful men into magic ponies. Winston was wrong.

Image for Hospital 666

Hospital 666 is a 1-4 player horror escape game. Traverse through eerie hospital levels while observing the occurrence of anomalies and choosing the correct elevator. Some abnormal bosses will chase you to death, and you must find the right way to escape them.

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