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Mar 7, 2024





This is a fictional story in which you play as a KunKun enthusiast named Su Shan, who sneaks into the suspected KunKun residence to explore.All content in the game is unrelated to reality, and any similarity is purely coincidental.


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This is a fictional story in which you will embark on a thrilling escape experience with a man named KunKun.The game contains scare elements. If you lack courage, please exit in a timely manner.

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You must survive a monster infested zoo while searching for key shards that unlock the truth to its origin. Collect all the key shards by solving puzzles throughout the grounds and put a stop to the monster mayhem.

Image for The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty

Trek across ancient China in a dark, boundary-pushing visual novel inspired by traditional Chinese art with modern animation. Escort four girls to the prosperous city of Luoyang in a branching narrative with themes of revenge, cannibalism, involuntary servitude, and more on a redemptive journey.

Image for 鬼打墙(剧情版)

This is a horror game adapted from the Chinese folklore. Players need to decrypt and collect key items in different stages. Ultimately find a way to escape the foggy forest. While searching for an exit, players will be disturbed by ghosts, players need to avoid the ghosts and evade their attacks.

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This is a first-person indie horror game. A young deliveryman took an unusual order that led him to Night Grove. This place has a dubious reputation among the townspeople, because for many years it has been sent to live with people that society has long since abandoned.

Image for Exanimum: The Silent Call

"Exanimum: The Silent Call" is a first-person psychological horror game. In this chilling experience, you will find yourself confronting terrifying mysteries and chilling secrets.

Image for 港詭實錄ParanormalHK

Paranormal HK is a first person horror game about Urban legends of Hong Kong, China. The story is about a crew of online supernatural channel“Beyond the Invisible” went to Kowloon Walled City to film a short movie for their latest episode and encountered something out of their expectations.

Image for 迷离诡夜 blurred weird night

The story mode is a supernatural interactive story, with strong Chinese characteristic scenes and plots. Will all the staff die or will most of them survive? It's like a funny horror movie, scary and funny. The zombie mode has different plots and boss. Provide DEMO download

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Image for Wishful Journey:Love Across Time

Xu yuan, who was a loser in real life traveled to an ancient palace. By transforming into the male protagonist, players will be in love with many beauties with different personalities, such as the unruly princess, the cold female assassin, embark on a love adventure that spans time and space.

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Mirages is a 3D narrative and horror game with folk stories. One night, seven brides headed to the Captain Mansion but strayed into a place full of ghosts - Regret City. Horror haunts the small town. Due to destiny, actors, warlords, and offspring of the town are drawn in. They are closer to truth.

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Image for Garten of Banban 3

Embrace the horrors of Banban’s Kindergarten. Delve even deeper into the depths of the establishment that was left suspiciously empty. Try to survive the unexpected residents and continue the search for your child…

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