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Apr 1, 2024


Weeping studio


Weeping Studio

You find yourself in the center of inexplicable nightmare. Make your way through the horror, come face to face with terrible events. Immerse yourself in the dark mystery of the events in which you found yourself an unwitting participant.


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Image for April 24th

The main character is an experienced journalist who always strives to uncover the truth. He manages to gain access to the house, which is guarded by the police.

Image for Exanimum: The Silent Call

"Exanimum: The Silent Call" is a first-person psychological horror game. In this chilling experience, you will find yourself confronting terrifying mysteries and chilling secrets.

Image for Night Grove

This is a first-person indie horror game. A young deliveryman took an unusual order that led him to Night Grove. This place has a dubious reputation among the townspeople, because for many years it has been sent to live with people that society has long since abandoned.

Image for Psalm 5:9-13

"Psalm 5:9-13" is a first-person psychological horror game with VHS effect. Be careful and attentive, there is something hiding in these rooms, something is watching from the darkness.

Image for Again and Again

Again and Again is a first-person psychological horror game. How much can a game affect your real life? Enjoy the terrifying moments of being in a realistic home environment and a suspenseful story.

Image for The Stalked

Escaped from Liam's obsession, Kate seeks refuge in her grandpa's mansion. Strange occurrences raise questions about Liam's presence or another figure. Unraveling mysterious letters, Kate embarks on a journey, seeking peace.

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Image for Locked Up

The game “Locked Up" is the first project developed in 2020 by the studio EMIKA_GAMES consisting of one person.

Demo available Store
Image for Anomaly Exit

On your way home on the train, you weren't paying attention. Until you realised the train had been stopping at the same station over, and over again. Watch out for anomalies, and avoid the Anomaly Exit! Made for singleplayer and 2-6 co-operative multiplayer.

Image for Night Bus

Night Bus is a thrilling public transit simulator that costs less than a bus ticket! It's your first night on the job: Pick up passengers, take their fares, enjoy the beautiful countryside, and please ignore That Which Has No Eyes.

Image for Cannibal Abduction

The family is hungry and he must provide, VHS slasher survival horror.

Image for The Night of the Scissors

Scrap hunting season has gone wrong, VHS slasher survival horror.

Image for [Chilla's Art] Shinkansen 0 | 新幹線 0号

Shinkansen 0 | 新幹線 0号 is a game set in Japan where players are tasked with finding anomalies in the Shinkansen. (Japanese bullet train)

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