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Image for Anime Girls: Sun of a Beach
Anime Girls: Sun of a Beach

Mar 6, 2024


Revolt Games


Revolt Games

Join the battle against crab-like monsters as fearless beach girls in this epic anime-inspired adventure. Choose your anime girl, gear up, and defend the shores in thrilling battles against the deep sea!


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Image for Human Farm - Practice Section

The game takes place in a world where public human farms are established. With the goal of becoming a "milking worker", you head to the farm where you are doing your internship. Can you let the big boobs cow sister into you Exclusive Nikubenki.

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Image for Elf Discipline Ceremony

One day, you and an elf are kidnapped and imprisoned by a mysterious cult. For some reason, they're having you take part in a week-long erotic ritual. If you don't take part, you can never leave. Do your best to regain your freedom!

Image for The Sweetest Ring

The Sweetest Ring is a short linear NTR visual novel about meeting and dating a ghost woman until she discovers there is better dick to be found by crawling back into the very TV she came from and joining the professional porn stars inside!

Image for Leaving DNA

Leaving DNA is a story-driven adult visual novel with dark themes. Play as a criminal prosecutor whose commitment to the justice system is challenged when a cold case murder investigation leads to his father's military special forces unit.

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Image for Hentai Tales: Sex Parlor Report

In modern times where sexual services are completely legal, sex workers are regarded as a noble profession. You are a sex services reporter, and you are about to explore this world full of lust. What could be there?

Image for Tomboy: Love in Hot Forge

Tomboy: Love in Hot Forge. Meet Brigid, the blacksmith girl who invited you to spend the night at her house. Prepare yourself to spend an unforgettable time with this strong and bossy woman.

Image for Mylene and the Lust temple

Mylene, a novice magician with secrets....... That's the forbidden spell that absorbs magic power through sex! ?

Image for Lisa Total investigation!

Lisa Total investigation is an adult game about corruption. Play as the future husband of Lisa, who was forced into an investigation by a mysterious Scotland Yard officer. How far will you push your fiancée to successfully complete this investigation? Beware of your most perverse desire!

Image for Saving Mrs. Hinako

In this visual novel by Studio Pork, make a strong-willed yet acquiescent, pure-hearted but rebellious housewife fall in love with you!

Image for Emi - Christmas Special

Emi and our Protagonist find themselves on the naughty list this year! Follow their holiday escapades as they earn their way back into Santa's good graces.

Image for Whispers of the Citadel

Immerse yourself in a kingdom's turmoil. Love, power, and destiny intertwine as you, a valiant soldier gifted with the citadel, navigate a precarious path to the throne. With the king's demise and no heir in sight, you must find a bride in just one month. Choose from five captivating partners.

Image for Hentai Tales: The World Only Maid

You wake up and find yourself in a strange room, and a maid next to you wakes you up. You seem to be the master of the house and have countless maids who will do anything you command. Even if it's a little confusing, you decide to enjoy the situation. What will happen?

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