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Mar 4, 2024


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Image for ウーマンコミュニケーション

It often happens that lewd words are inadvertently made up in conversation, doesn't it? This game is probably the world's first adventure game where you will find such "inadvertent lewd words" to advance the game!

Image for The Aquarium does not dance

This is a horror adventure game where a girl, devoted to her best friend, searches for her companion in an aquarium that has transformed into a world of horror. While evading the deformed entities known as "Creepies," the player must unravel the mysteries concealed within the aquarium.

Image for 貢がせろ!女苑ちゃん!!

疫病神の依神女苑ちゃん。 女苑ちゃんが提示してくるお題に大急ぎで答えて 見返りも求めずに物品を貢ぎまくろう!!

Image for マーダーミステリーパラドクス このひと夏の十五年

"Murder Mystery Paradox: Fifteen Years of Summer" is a text-based adventure game. Enter the remote and sparsely populated island of Shikinejima and attempt to solve the strangely recurring mystery found there.

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Multiverse sushi eating 3D action game! An epic love story with a sushi theme! ...sushi! very delicious! Apologize because it's too delicious!

Image for 迷宮校舎 | School Labyrinth

School labyrinth is a 1~4 co-op horror game set in a randomly generated school at night. Cooperate with your friends and try to escape from the school building!

Image for いるかにうろこがないわけ


Image for Lazriel: The Demon's Fall

Lazriel, an angel of heaven, has been plunged into the demon world far below. Now her only hope of returning is for her to climb the tower. But will she succumb to the demons' powers before she makes it back alive?

Image for 428 〜封鎖された渋谷で〜


Image for Drunken way to Home

You've drunk too much... Let's go home while being aware of the dangerous around you! Drunken movements are fully simulated with physical calculation. Enjoy your drunkenness :)

Image for For the GHOSTs


Image for かぞえ飯

Have you ever wondered how many grains of rice are in your bowl when you are eating white rice? This game is a very simple game in which all you have to do is count the rice grains in the bowl. You will never have to worry about how many grains of rice are in your bowl again.

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