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Mar 31, 2024





本作は東方プロジェクト原作の特撮風二次創作。 100mオーバーの怪獣災害「スイカ」を撃退すべく「メカスイカ」で戦います。 メカスイカは、両手・頭・体が好き勝手に同時行動可能! さらに改造で数十の必殺技を搭載し、ビルを破壊しながら大暴れするぞ!


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Image for With in the Obscurity

A first-person perspective mystery puzzle-solving game where players immerse themselves in the role of characters involved in each episode's abnormal event to uncover the truth. The plan is to release 1 episodes per month, totaling 6 episodes per season.

Image for 天机录


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This casual game combines two major elements: "plot" and "match-three strategy." In this game, players not only get to experience the classic match-three gameplay, achieving goals by eliminating identical elements, but also delve deep into various plot sub-stories with the goddesses in each level.


It's a world similar to ours, but where the darkness of the night is indeed riddled with monsters. Reika Ayakaze, an apprentice "hunter" who strikes down the monsters that threaten the people of the world, one day, she learns that an unfamiliar pattern is appearing on her best friend, Mana Tomita.

Image for Taimanin Yukikaze

A classic visual novel about a demon-slaying ninja. Yukikaze is an up-and-coming young Taimanin with a suite of deadly lightning powers, but when she embarks on a mission to rescue her missing mother, she just might have bitten off more than she can chew...

Image for Apartment of Death

Venture into the abandoned jungle apartment, embody lone survivor Ross, on a gripping adventure. College friends Joanna and Ivan went missing here. You must unravel mysteries room-by-room while evading a lurking killer's attacks. Can you pierce the enigmas and escape unscathed?

Image for Minako: Beloved Wife in the Countryside

Happily married couple Minako and Tatsurou trade the busy life in Tokyo for a nice, long vacation in the countryside. Visiting her husband’s hometown for the first time in her life, Minako soon finds herself charmed by nature’s beauty and the villager’s hospitality.

Image for Holy Maid Academy

When Ryunosuke Kokuto lands a professorial role at an exclusive academy, his hopes for his new charges prove more ambitious than most! In this characteristically crispy dark comedy VN from Liquid, navigate an unlikely career filled with breakneck twists through the lofty halls of St. Martius.

Image for Amazing Grace -What color is your attribute?-

“A holy night with no dawn, my dear...” You awaken in a strange town full of art, blanketed in snow, and enclosed by a massive wall. On Christmas, it all burns down—and the girl who loves it most rewinds time to the start of Advent. Find the truth in the loop and paint it on this canvas of a town!

Image for Master of Vtuber

There are many reasons why someone would want to become a Vtuber, but regardless of the initial motivations for embarking on this journey, there is only one ultimate goal – to become a Vtuber Master who is loved and welcomed by the audience, capable of standing out on their own!

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Image for Hentai Misuzu

What could be more beautiful than hentai?

Image for Story Of Eve 2

Lead Eve and Kassandra as they once again set out on a grand adventure! Shall she become the Goddess of Peace incarnate, or a depraved demoness? Her fate is in your hands...

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