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Midnight Survivors: Prologue

Feb 24, 2024





Defeat the hordes of demons with your super-powered cat! Unlock powerful skills and wipe out your enemies at once!! Drop a meteor shower on your enemies' heads!!!


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Image for Wyvern Studios Solitaire: 30th Aniversary Edition

Wyvern Studios Solitaire: 30th Anniversary Edition features Klondike Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire, 9 different deck styles, and supports mouse, keyboard, and gamepads. The base game is offered for free and can be played as is without any cost forever.

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In STARECROWN, a visual-novel merged with a puzzle-based horror experience, your ANGEL whose watched from the distance finally makes himself known. For the worse.

Image for Chrono Recorder

"ChronoRecorder" is a 3D puzzle game. Players can manipulate time and gravity. And you have to use that ability to solve problems. You might think this game is difficult if you don't use your brain.

Image for Spider-Guy: Trapped in the Cheese Place

take the role of spider guy and escape the cheese place!

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"Summon Masters" is a fair online turn-based strategy card game, allowing players to formulate their own decks with various cards for free battles.

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*** This Game is only available in Chinese *** 《典藏大富翁》包含《大富翁》《大富翁2》《大富翁3》,共3款遊戲。1989年,大宇資訊將大富翁桌遊搬上電腦螢幕,首次發佈了《大富翁》作品。而後幾十年間,《大富翁》系列逐漸成為華語地區膾炙人口的休閒遊戲。

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Snow Cone Serenade is a short and sweet liminal adventure. Choose your mood and roll the dice to succeed or fail in spicy situations. Enter a cursed snow world to save your sick dog, Jedediah. Unravel a mind-bending mystery to face your innermost fears.

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