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Tiny Jump

Dec 30, 2023





Tiny Jump is a first person precision platformer, in this game you will control a ball but in first person perspective, The main goal of the game is to climb all the way to the top while facing difficult types of jumps & challenges.


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Image for Soul of War: Legions

"SoulofWar" is a strategy deck-building game with twists. It features 8-player PvP battles where you strategically outplay your opponents. It introduces a fresh auto chess gameplay.

Image for dEskape

'dEskape' is a base-building game which sits across the bottom of your desktop allowing you to work, browse, or watch something else while you play. It's idle when you like and active when you want.

Image for Office Affairs

Office Affairs is an immersive visual novel game that takes players on an exciting journey through the complex world of office romance. Navigate through a thrilling web of love, ambition, and personal growth as you juggle multiple love interests and strive for success in the professional realm.

Image for Escort Simulator

Escort Simulator is an immersive simulation engine that turns the 'dating sim' on it's ear. Control the look and movements of an intimate couple while you listen to their hilarious responses and improvisation.

Image for Patron

Patron is a survival city builder with a unique social dynamics system. Gather and produce resources, build your fledgling village into a prosperous city and navigate the intricate social tensions before they reach boiling point.

Image for Heads Will Roll: Reforged

Hardcore survival RPG with non-linear story that lets you play as a young medieval soldier who over the course of battles and adventures becomes the most formidable and respected knight of his era. Or, if he’s not lucky enough, perishes in the chaos of the Hundred Years' War.

Image for Sex Apocalypse 2

Conquering the apocalypse has never been so vivid and emotionally charged! Welcome to the world of Sex Apocalypse 2 – the second installment of a unique third-person shooter.

Image for Idol VS Furries

Survive to Furries, and Farm Skins, in stylized gunfights

Image for Heretic's Fork

Dear candidate, we are pleased to invite you to take up the position of manager of Hell. You will punish sinners by using our deck-building computer system to construct hellish towers capable of keeping the endless hordes of the underworld in check. Best of luck!

Image for Love Potion

Love Potion is an engaging visual novel that takes players on a heartfelt journey through the complexities of love and self-discovery.

Image for Outpath: First Journey

Outpath: First Journey is a prologue chapter of the main game, Outpath. An experimental clicker base building game. Craft, gather & manage resources, build your base and buy more islands to exploit and expand!

Image for Space Battle Royale

Welcome to cosmic chaos. This non-stop action arcade will test you to see if you are truly worthy of space travel. The full use of 3d space, five classes of weapons, and upgrades based on alien technology and alternative dimensions make for the most competitive and mind-expanding game out there.

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