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Image for Emi - Christmas Special
Emi - Christmas Special

Jan 12, 2024


CellStudios, Wizard++


CellStudios, Wizard++

Emi and our Protagonist find themselves on the naughty list this year! Follow their holiday escapades as they earn their way back into Santa's good graces.


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Image for B.E.S.T

B.E.S.T is an erotic visual novel with multiple decisive choices and several possible endings. Participate in various challenges ! Help your friends or betray them ! There is only one goal: to be the best. It's up to you to decide what you want to become !

Image for Zero End: Chapter One

Zero End is a paranormal mystery adult Visual Novel with horror elements where you try to find the truth behind the sinister happenings at Altham Academy.

Image for The Grey Dream

The Grey Dream is an adult Visual Novel about a man who got offered a job in an international trading company right after graduation. As soon as you accept it, the consequences of the past start to manifest. Who knows? Maybe you can get rid of your past or spice up your future with it.

Image for Adverse Effects

Judith has been having issues sleeping, so her solution was to see her doctor. The doctor prescribed her some new sleeping pills that have some Adverse Effects. You play the recipient of these feelings; what will you do when her normal affections turn into something more?

Image for Hardenville

Embark on a journey from zero to hero in Hardenville as a 21-year-old guy! Your decisions steer the story in this adult Visual Novel, shaping your fate through friendships, romance, drama, and personal growth. Dive into mature themes while navigating your path.

Image for Knockout Master

Knockout Master is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel that puts you in the role of a boxer, whose dream is to become the world's heavyweight champion. The game is packed with sex, romance, drama, and a rich story.

Image for The Entrepreneur

Become The Entrepreneur they need! In this choice-driven adventure, you will dive into a world filled with fun, drama, high stakes, sex, and much more. Build relationships, face immense challenges, and feel the consequences of your decisions affecting those around you! What lies ahead for you?

Image for Leaving DNA

Leaving DNA is a story-driven adult visual novel with dark themes. Play as a criminal prosecutor whose commitment to the justice system is challenged when a cold case murder investigation leads to his father's military special forces unit.

Demo available Store
Image for LustyVerse: ShackBang

A trip to a cabin in the woods takes one guy and four hot girls trough an unexpected week filled with all kinds of twists and turns, where fun doesn't always promise a happy ending.

Image for A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark is a choice-driven adult visual novel about new possibilities and dark secrets.

Demo available Store
Image for Because I Love Her

Because I Love Her is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel that focuses on character relationships over time. Play out the lives of two main protagonists while learning about other love interests and uncover the mystery that surrounds your new neighbors in this zero grind Visual Novel.

Image for Lisa Total investigation!

Lisa Total investigation is an adult game about corruption. Play as the future husband of Lisa, who was forced into an investigation by a mysterious Scotland Yard officer. How far will you push your fiancée to successfully complete this investigation? Beware of your most perverse desire!

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