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Image for True Reporter. Mystery of Mistwood
True Reporter. Mystery of Mistwood

Nov 24, 2023



A free detective "Hidden object" game. Solve the crime now!


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Image for Scary School Simulator 2

Escape from horror anime ghost story in your school's classroom!

Image for 10:16

To get to heaven, you must climb the Nine Circles of Hell. But you might never make it to the depths.

Image for Leaf Blower Man: This Game Blows!

Blow leaves at 6am on a Sunday and earn points by annoying all the neighbors. But beware - unexpected challenges await on your journey to rid the world of leaves!

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Image for B-B0 The Delivery Bot

A 2D puzzle platformer where you play as a robot whose sole purpose is delivering packages on time! Your package is your only means of defense and attack, use it wisely to navigate levels and reach your goal, like a good little delivery bot :)

Image for DOMINO The Little One

DOMINO: The Little One, a hand-drawn 2D adventure game, invites you to traverse a realm where the perils of global warming and ecological catastrophe manifest as monstrous entities, and the only weapon at your disposal is your wit and will to make a change.

Image for Shotgun Shenanigans

A multiplayer FPS sports game

Image for Chill Drive

Welcome to Chill Drive, this game can provide a comfortable atmosphere for studying, working, or resting. Plan those long, difficult, or delayed tasks, then complete your goal in an undisturbed environment!

Image for Gladiators: Survival in Rome

Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an Action RPG with casual survival game mechanics and active city building. You'll experience a new type of survival game with quests & dungeons, continuous progression, seasonal events and lots of spear poking.

Image for Draw

Welcome to the world of Draw, a 2D sidescroller and visual novel! Armed with nothing but a pencil, play as “Stickman” as you explore a brand-new world. Solve puzzles by drawing into the game, meet new friends while dodging scribble monsters, and make memories that’ll never be erased!

Image for Age of Advent

Welcome to the Age of Advent! Play four minigames based on the members of hololive -Advent-! Save the Moai with Bijou, make a soup with Nerissa, try not to crash with FUWAMOCO, and avoid the gaze of Shiori!

Image for Frontline 1942: Battles of the World War 2

Immerse yourself in the times of World War II and become a real hero! Shoot, capture, win – the path to glory is paved with shells!

Image for Layover Lovers

A terminal love story

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