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Image for Battle for Treasure
Battle for Treasure

Nov 17, 2023


Kvass Da Valenki


Kvass Da Valenki

How many secrets and dangers lie in the vast expanses of the oceans and seas! In just one look at the immense waves, a spark of a thirst for adventure, a desire for wealth and fame is hidden in the very soul of every Viking.


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Image for Danger Drone

Return the world to humanity by destroying the evil aliens

Image for Adventures with Alan Parkour 3D

The goal of the game is to reach the portal that will take you to the next level. To do this, you need to jump on the blocks without falling into the lava.

Image for Christmas Present

Christmas Present is a fun and Christmas game in which you control Santa Claus. You're flying a reindeer-drawn sled across the sky and throwing presents down chimneys. This game is filled with kindness and Christmas spirit, making you enjoy Christmas with Santa.

Image for Oil Coin

A game in which you need to explore new oil fields. For this you will have different ways, such as moles, geologists and so on. Build towers, oil storages, pump your production, improve buildings and warehouses. Hire workers, guards, fight off or buy off raiders. Buy new lands.

Image for Just skill shooter 2

Just Skill Shooter 2 is a continuation of the legendary first-person shooter where you take on the role of a soldier fighting enemies in different maps.

Image for The Unvisited Grandma

How long have you been visiting your grandmother?You abandoned your family. But she remembers you. The house remembers you.Visit the house where you grew up.Peculiarities:-Tense atmosphere-Visions-You need to understand yourself and your past.

Image for The Mythical City

Protect the magic crystal, to which waves of enemies are coming!

Image for Save the settlers

This is a tower defense game in which you have to defend a settlement from bloodthirsty creatures.

Image for Nafanya the Poltergeist

A game about a house spirit - Houseboy. With the name Nafanya. The player will have to get out of a multi-unit Soviet house, which is run by the Domovoi. To find the way out, you will have to solve riddles from the spirit, and maybe even make friends with him.

Image for Grandfather Simulator

Open the door to Grandfather's life! Watch TV series, play with the dog, argue with your wife, take pills, eat lunch, sleep, go for a walk. Live the measured life of a grandfather, where every day is an adventure, and routine is an art!

Image for What do you hear?? Yanny vs Laurel

What word or name do you hear, and how far do you have to move the slider to hear another? Check it out and be surprised by the possibilities of your brain!

Image for Just Skill Shooter

Just Skill Shooter is a first-person shooter game where you take on the role of a soldier fighting enemies in two different maps. You have access to different weapons - a rifle, a shotgun or other- which you can use to eliminate enemy combatants.

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