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Image for Monday Meltdown
Monday Meltdown

Jan 11, 2024


Footstomp Studios


Footstomp Studios

Monday Meltdown is a fast-paced chaotic 2D top-down multiplayer shooter for up to 8 players! Dominate friends (or foes) in violent, fast-paced mayhem across familiar environments. Turn mundane Mondays into chaotic battlegrounds, raging for the win.


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Image for Arsenal Online

High-octane 2D shooter. Put your shooting skills to the test with over 200 weapons and attachments. Play game modes solo or co-op online!

Image for Underminer

Welcome to Underminer, an underground adventure game set in a subterranean world. Mine minerals, earn money, upgrade your drill machine and descend deeper into the earth. The truth about 'legendary minerals' and an exciting underground world are waiting for you!

Image for 77th: The Game

77th: The Game is an abstract representation of the experience of joining an online community. Walk through the community and solve the puzzles to progress as a community member.

Image for Maneuver

Maneuver is a 3D FPP melee action game where you fight by switching characters you manipulate through 'Hacking'. Experience fast tempo combat with strategies through hacking.

Image for Dodecadone

A physics & logic puzzler about merging shapes and traits, similar to Suika games. A triangle might be bouncy, your septagon sick & coughing, or an ennenagon defying the laws of physics.

Image for LASERS

LASERS is a brutally hard multiplayer game about surviving deadly laser mazes. Only one player can win. Will it be you?

Image for Liquid Light

A relaxing 1bit puzzle game set in a world where all the light is liquid. There are all sorts of creatures in the darkness, waiting for the light to bring them form, but no need to worry, they are quite tame.

Image for Sleigh Strikers

Santa's going high-tech with the Present Launcher 1225! Join the jolly ride, rescue reindeer, and blast presents down chimneys in this holly, jolly, fast paced shoot 'em up. Make every shot count and save Christmas in a dash!

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Image for Home Sweet Home : Online

Experience the balanced PvP Battles in a 4vs1 style. Win through collecting souls in a 4vs4 style battle where the person that holds the Warden Soul will turn into a Warden to hunt down the visitor on the other team. There can only be one winner in the war between sides.

Image for Project QT

Project QT is a puzzle RPG filled with hot chicks, amazing battles and the naughtiest rewards. Recruit your team of sexy girls and fight the evil infection that has spread into your world. Humanity needs you, so join the greatest and smuttiest adventure in the multiverse!

Image for Star Stuff: Prologue

An introduction to the world of Star Stuff, an upcoming puzzle game with a cosmic mix of automation and strategic action! Program bots to help you solve hand-crafted, purposefully designed challenges!

Image for Medieval Machines Builder - First Siege

Embark on a captivating journey back to the roots of medieval conflict with Medieval Machines Builder - First Siege. This free-to-play simulation game offers a taste of the grandeur and challenges that await in the full game. Design, build, and destroy. Medieval lethal weapons await you!

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