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Image for Succubus RoomMate
Succubus RoomMate

Aug 15, 2023





Enter a fascinating and seductive world with "Succubus RoomMate". In this addictive cookie clicker game, you can buy cute power-up imps and immerse yourself in a story inside the protagonist's room. Unlock scenes with your very own succubus and enjoy intense dialogues in pure anime style


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Image for Hot And Lovely :Uniform

Hot And Lovely: Uniform is a classic puzzle game. Players need to eliminate more than three blocks of the same type to complete the goal and pass the level. After completing all the levels, the game is successful!

Image for Miss Neko 2

Welcome to the magic island — Nekoland! All good things you want will happen here! Solve the match puzzles, collect the magic coins and then you will see miracles!

Image for Goblin Conqueror

Kanami, a former Dragon Slayer who lost her job due to the extinction of dragons. Now, she has embraced her new job as a Monster Hunter, wholeheartedly committed to vanquishing goblins.

Image for Monster Line of Defense

"Monster Line of Defense" is a casual shooting game. Clicking the left mouse button allows the player to fire and shoot the monsters approaching from the front.

Image for 少女妖精弹珠台 Elf Girl Pinball

More than just a "very happy" pinball game~!

Demo available Store
Image for The True Love Rings

"The True Love Rings" is a scene interactive decryption game. The overall atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Players follow the prompts in the scene to gradually solve the puzzles and help solve the problems encountered in life.

Image for Seek Girl Ⅲ

This is a fun casual decryption game that trains your observations. At the beginning of the game, the game will show a black shape, you need to find one or two items of the same shape as black to complete the task.

Image for For the Queen

In FOR THE QUEEN, you are a queen's skeleton knight, suffering from a memory loss. You have to annihilate the villages of humans and elves according to your queen's will and regain your body and memory in this roguelike auto battler.

Image for Guardians of Eden

Tend to the needs of seven alluring Valkyries and defend humanity's last sanctuary in this lewd tower defense game!

Image for yahtzee girl

Let's strip her down with Yahtzee game! Test your skills and dice luck Maybe I'll get a chance to touch her?

Image for Alien Maze

"Alien Maze" is a puzzle game to explore the maze. Players need to reach the exit in a limited time.

Image for Zodiac fantasy

The little sisters have an important date (maybe several!) Now they need your help to cross the obstacles, use jumping or climbing flexibly to reach the date, the girls will thank you for it!

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