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Image for Sokoban 3D
Sokoban 3D

Jul 13, 2023


Prots Andrii


Prots Andrii

Move the cubes to their correct locations and solve the levels.


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Image for Russian Warship

This game is a comic relief in the otherwise tragic war in Ukraine. Based on many popular jokes, it mixes shoot 'em up and tower defense genres to create an action-filled top-down shooting experience which requires tactical thinking and smart resource management

Image for Robo Maestro

Play with music like never before! Robo Maestro is a procedural music toy. Guide an endless stream of new music or make detailed tweaks in Editor Mode. Create songs, be inspired and share your creations. No music skills required, just have fun!

Image for Shutter

In Shutter you play as Keith, a new employee that has arrived at the mysterious research center L.I.E. (Learn, Investigate and Exploit). Explore and solve puzzles with a camera that modifies objects using perspective. All in a space-age inspired setting.

Image for Underlevel

In Underlevel, you play as hordes of skeletal minions working to stop a hero from raiding the dungeon to level up and kill your boss. And as skeletons, you REALLY can't afford to lose the dental plan they provide!

Image for Orb Flight

Fly and collect all of the glowing orbs. Meditative Flight & exploration game with relaxing music.

Image for Hidden Cats: Magic Forest

Hidden Cats: Magic Forest is a hidden object game where you will search for lost cats while exploring the mystery of the magical forest. Touch the enchanting texture of the forest and interact with other surprise objects. Experience the silence and the discovery!

Image for Politon

Politon is a turn-based strategy game that has easy-to-understand mechanics and various game modes such as Online Multiplayer or Scenario.

Image for Dung Beetle Adventure

A short (and free) adventure game, where you are tasked with helping a hurt, hungry, but inventive dung beetle on its journey to find something to eat near the end of the mushroom season.


Bad Dreams is a Solo VR Horror game with immersive gameplay based on real gesture. A unique experience, where nightmares become reality.Fight, Run, Jump, Wipe your eyes, Cover your ears... while avoiding the game's traps and puzzles, you won't come out unscathed!

Image for The Cenozoic Era

The Cenozoic Era is a realistic animal survival game taking place during the rise of mammals, take control of a variety of animals and fight to survive among other players to reach the top of the food chain. Death, Destruction, Survival, Scavenge, Nature, Thrive, Conquer, Hunt. The Cenozoic Era

Image for Elong Plug

Play as an elastic plug trying to become as long as LORD ELON. Use your climbing, dangling, and stretching skills to collect coins and buy length upgrades. Will LORD ELON accept you?

Image for Bro, where's My head???

My name is Odin. I come from the land of darkness and I want to take over the world. 3 days ago I tried to resurrect the undeath. Unfortunately, something went wrong because the skeletons don't have heads, can you help Me find their heads? When I rule the world, I will leave You alone.

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