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Image for Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld
Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld

Oct 11, 2023


Rubedo Games


Rubedo Games

It's up to you to become the Endless, a mysterious skeleton, and embark on a perilous journey. Collect monster body parts to enhance your character and use a variety of abilities. Explore sinister locations, fight mythical creatures and uncover the secrets of the Underworld.


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Image for Horror Gallery

Immerse yourself in a sinister narrative as you piece together the story through hints in this eerie place. Every step you take inches you closer to the truth.Will you uncover the chilling truth?

Image for Heavy Burden

How does Sisyphus feel as he climbs to the top of the mountain? Tired from the weight of the stone, the scorching sun, and the steep climbs, he nevertheless continues on his way up. What awaits him there?

Image for Cyber Avenger

Cyber Avenger is a top-down action game where you take on the role of a highly skilled covert operative on a dangerous mission to stop a group of terrorists. You must navigate through five maps, facing a variety of enemies, including shotgunners, snipers, melee fighters, kamikazes, and more.

Image for Aery - Heaven & Hell

Discover the passions and fears of the human race as a flying god-like creature.

Image for Paper Dash - Ghost Hunt

Start an adventure as a courageous paper plane hunts evil ghosts across vibrant worlds. Soar through mystical forests and scary mansions, utilizing your flying skills and reflexes to shoot the ghosts.

Image for Quod: Episode 1

"Quod" unfolds in a 1930s Texas prison. The main character must escape and uncover the truth. Brace yourself for eerie occurrences and solve intricate puzzles to unveil the terrifying secrets of this place.

Image for Corsairs Legacy - Pirate Action RPG & Sea Battles

Get ready for ‘Corsairs Legacy’. It’s an adventure in the Caribbean, the historical pirate life simulator. Sail the sea, fight the enemies, and explore islands. Will you rise to become a legendary pirate or meet your end at the hands of your enemies? The choice is yours in ‘Corsairs Legacy’.

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Image for The Rings of Powder

"The Rings of Powder" is a fun and ironizing game combining exploration with the construction of an underground kingdom and elements of real -time strategy and idle. The project is an irony of both some legendary and less legendary movies and scenes from reality.

Image for Sunlight Scream

The hero moves to a new city. However, along with him comes a masked killer who begins to kill his friends one by one... Make decisions to build your adventure. Can you stop him before it's too late?

Image for Boaty Tanks

Embark on an aquatic adventure! Control a small boat, armed with weapons, and navigate arenas. Battle enemy pool floats, test your skills, and immerse yourself in thrilling boat combat. Survive challenging fights and show off your shooting skills!

Image for Dark Riddle

Find out the scary secrets of the neighbor.


The agile multiplayer arcade battle royale experience for soldiers of fortune and strategy experts.

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