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Office Is My Harem🔞

Sep 28, 2023




DuaWolf Studio

After being unreasonably criticised by your manager, you decided to fight back. Unexpectedly, this attracted your female colleagues. Could it be that a chance to fulfill your fantasy of having a workplace harem? This visual novel & Idler game has a readily story rhythm and lots of erotic scenes.


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Image for My MILF Stepmom💋

You're a graduating university student but still a virgin. You empathetic MILF stepmom offers to fulfill this life achievement for you. Meanwhile, your hot gym instructor and academic advisor provoke you sexually and aggressively. This game consists of visual novel and business simulation elements.

Image for My MILF Stepmom 2: Family Party💋

As the stepson of this big family, your relationships include stepmother, stepaunt, stepsisters and family friends. You will live and enjoy life with them. Most importantly - you'll have a great time partying! This game focuses on step-family fantasies and the goal is to unlock all the sex scenes.

Image for 召唤之王 (Supreme Summoner)

‘Supreme Summoner’ is a turn-based strategy chess game. Taking the imaginative Romance of the Three Kingdoms as its theme, it innovatively blends elements of gods, demons, and mystical creatures, making each faction and character's attributes even more prominent.

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Image for Law of Dispute

"The Law of Dispute" is a medieval realistic style auto chess + card type roguelike strategy game, building a deck of light strategy auto chess card battles on a 3 * 2 battlefield and achieving the final victory!

Image for Journey to the West Survivor

"Journey to the West Survivors" is a survivor-like game. You can choose from 12 interesting characters and combine various playstyles among over 200 skills. Additionally, you can get married, cultivate crops, build structures, recruit partners, and work together to fight against enemies.

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