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Image for Taimanin Asagi
Taimanin Asagi

Oct 26, 2023





A classic visual novel about a demon-slaying ninja. Asagi was the strongest Taimanin in Tokyo, but after completing her last mission, she just wants to settle down and marry her lover Kyousuke. Her old nemesis has other plans, however, and creeps back from the dead to seek vengeance...


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Image for Tenioha! feat. Mami

In this 2022 Moe Game Award–winning dark romance VN, step into the shoes of a submissive young corporate cog whose dream of a big-city bachelor’s lifestyle remains elusive—that is, until he catches the captivating gaze of one Mami Himekawa, his dommy-mommy, slightly older coworker...

Image for Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses

The thrilling final installment of Dark One!'s hit visual novel series! Hapless protagonist Yamada is once again at the mercy of the tender depredations of the world's worst staff of nurses... and this time, it's up close and personal with the ruthless Head Nurse who dominates all the rest!

Image for Kuroinu 2 Redux

As the Nation faces invasion from the peoples it has pillaged for a century, one man defends it: Derek Rondo, the second coming of the Mercenary King Vult. He fights for his country, but plots to seize the throne for himself... A new visual novel betrayal epic begins from within!

Image for Kuroinu Redux

Desperate to end a bloody war, the Seven Shields Alliance—led by an elven goddess incarnate—seek out the assistance of the protagonist Vult and his Black Dog Mercenaries. He turns on them and takes control in this visual novel story of betrayal.

Image for Sujimon Quest

A village is under attack by fearsome monsters known as Sujimon, prompting one brave woman to team up with a yakuza to bring them down!

Image for Liminal Border Part I

First game of a four-part visual novel series. Nerdy Itsuki Ninomae accidentally creates a “digital hypnotism movie.” Showing it to his neighbor causes him to learn her and a classmate’s dark secret, dragging him into the underbelly of society.

Image for Princess of Zeven

A lone warrior princess must explore a dangerous dungeon while surviving the dangerous streets of Zeven. Will she triumph over the dungeon, or be defeated by her brother's bid for the throne?

Image for Demon Slayer Shion

Shion's fellow Demon Slayer has gone missing in an otherworldly cave, and it's up to her teammates to find and rescue her! Just what horrors await them?

Image for OVER‧DeviL: Legend of the sacred stone

A traditional JRPG with a naughty story of fantasy, adventure, and hardcore fun. During the Holy War, the Chosen Ones wielded eight Sacred Artifacts to defeat the Over Devil. Now, one-hundred years later, you must once again journey to defeat the Over Devil and save the world... or destroy it!

Image for Dungeon's Legion

You have been reincarnated as the Demon Lord in another world! Can you lead your forces to victory?


Seiran Island. Even here in paradise, there are those who work in the shadows to bring it down... Confront the tyranny of a twisted system in this long-awaited visual novel adventure.

Image for Fate/Samurai Remnant

“Your wish shall perish...” A Holy Grail War begins in Edo Japan. A brand new Fate action RPG presented by TYPE-MOON and KOEI TECMO GAMES.

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