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Image for Puppetmaster Movie-Viewer
Puppetmaster Movie-Viewer

Jun 15, 2023





Puppetmaster - Movie Viewer lets you complete your Puppetmaster collection with previous Episodes!


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Image for Shards of Her

Embark in a world of magic, where once mighty gods reigned supreme, but now are hunted and on the brink of oblivion. Can you save your love amidst a world consumed by lust and betrayal?

Image for Reconnecting

WARNING TABOO 18+: After more than two decades apart, you reunite with your long-lost daughter and try to establish a relationship. And to your great relief, you do, though your new relationship causes more problems in your life than you anticipate.

Image for The Grey Dream

The Grey Dream is an adult Visual Novel about a man who got offered a job in an international trading company right after graduation. As soon as you accept it, the consequences of the past start to manifest. Who knows? Maybe you can get rid of your past or spice up your future with it.

Image for Escape from Ivy & Piper

Immediately following the events of Strip n Play with Valerie you begin a race against the clock to Escape from Ivy and Piper​

Image for Strip n Play with Valerie

Valerie appears to you in a dream. She asks you if you want to play some games to get her naked and fuck. You think, sure, I can dream about old 90's sex strip games, but this dream is nothing like that. The sex goes on and on, and you cum more than ever before.

Image for Matrix Hearts - Season 1

Matrix Hearts is an adult Visual Novel about romance, comedy, and choice. Play in the shoes of a former Olympic rock-climber as he moves to a tropical island where he may be able to climb to the top once again.

Image for The Traveller

Complete the mission for a secret organization and meet some hot girls and women!

Image for Seducing The Devil

Seducing The Devil is an erotic Visual Novel filled with choices and multiple endings. You'll encounter 4 major branches, each with its own unique plot. Will you follow your heart or give in to desire? The choice is yours. Are you ready to dive into a world of love and lust? Let the seduction begin!

Image for Alive

Will you just get by, just happy to live? Or will you finally.... be Alive?

Image for Lana and the Milking Table

You’ve won a free all day massage! You head to the parlor to find out if it’s legit or not and you meet your beautiful masseuse Lana. You’re about to get the most memorable massage of your life!​

Image for Thirty Days

Thirty Days is a heavy choice driven Visual Novel, designed to have multiple playthroughs with largely different experiences. Choose from 6 different main characters (3 Female, 3 Male) as you spend a month with 2 very cute 18 year old fraternal twins.

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Image for The Escort (Special Edition)

"Wait... This is NOT how the night was supposed to go! I need to lay down and find a way to fix this... Or maybe not?". The Escort is a short Visual Novel where you'll find out what happened to MC in the weirdest night of his life. Wait, was it weirdest or wildest?

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