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Image for Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot
Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot

Nov 2, 2023


Konfa Games



Welcome to Slime 3K, an unhinged roguelite bullet-heaven set in the Despot’s Game universe! Build a deck of crazy weapons, grow stronger and devour hordes of pink puny humans as a murderous jelly blob on a warpath of death, violence and pretzels.


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Image for Death Must Die

Descend the nether in search of Death himself! Choose from God-given powers to slay his hordes of minions. Unlock new heroes, collect powerful items and create game-breaking synergies in this roguelite hack and slash survivors game.

Image for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a single player survivor-like auto-shooter. Wield the full arsenal of Deep Rock Galactic, take on hordes of lethal aliens, mine riches, and unlock powerful upgrades. It's one dwarf against all of Planet Hoxxes!

Image for Wall World

Explore the mysterious Wall World on your giant robospider: mine for valuable resources, upgrade your equipment to fight off hordes of monsters, and discover exotic biomes in-between attacks. Will you be able to survive and learn the secrets of the Wall World?

Image for Thronefall

A minimalist game about building and defending your little kingdom.

Image for Risk of Rain Returns

Carefully designed, beautifully remastered, and loaded with new ways to play—Risk of Rain is back and better than ever! Dive into the iconic roguelike full of unique loot combinations, enhanced with new Survivors, overhauled multiplayer, fan favorite content from Risk of Rain 2, and more!

Image for God Of Weapons

Embark on a thrilling journey in God of Weapons, an action roguelike where you must ascend the tower of Zhor to reclaim the last light for the world. To survive the monster onslaught on each tower's level, you'll need to obtain and carefully organize weapons and accessories in your inventory.

Image for Lizard Survivors: Battle for Hyperborea

They have launched an active invasion on our lands in late September this year, so let us break free of the slavic hand that held us by our balls for many ages! Rally all of our reptile militia, we will end this all together! LIZARDS, WE WILL NEVER BE SLAVES BUT WE WILL BE CONQUERORS!

Image for Heretic's Fork

Dear candidate, we are pleased to invite you to take up the position of manager of Hell. You will punish sinners by using our deck-building computer system to construct hellish towers capable of keeping the endless hordes of the underworld in check. Best of luck!

Image for Halls of Torment

Slay hordes of terrifying monsters in this horde survival roguelite. Descend into the Halls of Torment where the lords of the underworld await you. Treasures, magic trinkets, and a growing cast of heroes will grant you the power to vanquish the horrors from beyond. How long can you survive?

Image for Time Wasters

Time Wasters is a space shooter bullet heaven roguelite. Equip and upgrade weapons, destroy swarms of enemies, and collect Time & Space Cubes to bend the timeline to your advantage.

Image for Wedding Witch

Here is a witch who wants nothing but to marry you. She decides to seek potions from a certain Succubus in order to charm you... but a labyrinthine forest filled with devils stands in her way. Will she be able to find the potions, and with them, her happy ending?

Image for Necrosmith 2

Like a dead man reanimated by dark sorcery, the necromancer simulator is back! Give the undead the ability to fly over mountains and swim across rivers, explore a fully generated world at night and fend off enemy hordes during the day. Start a new, uhm, life.

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