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Image for Fatrifice

Mar 20, 2023





In order to summon a demon, one girl must stuff herself to be the ultimate fatrifice! Help her expand into new shapes and sizes by feeding her!


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Image for Witch's Rhythm Puzzle

Cute sexy witches battle one another in this unique puzzle rhythm game combo! Drop blocks in rhythm to defeat and undress your enemies. Enjoy some ecchi fun while you clear rows of blocks and jam to tunes in this satisfying puzzle game.

Image for Lotion samurai

Manipulate a lotion-covered samurai, defeat the ninjas who are blocking them, and aim for escape from the ninja castle! Further ranking function supported! Compete with rival samurai all over the world for clear time!

Image for EL NE RUE

EL NE RUE is a very simple game created with Pixel art.

Image for かぞえ飯

Have you ever wondered how many grains of rice are in your bowl when you are eating white rice? This game is a very simple game in which all you have to do is count the rice grains in the bowl. You will never have to worry about how many grains of rice are in your bowl again.

Image for VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is a booze em' up about waifus, technology, and post-dystopia life.

Image for 貢がせろ!女苑ちゃん!!

疫病神の依神女苑ちゃん。 女苑ちゃんが提示してくるお題に大急ぎで答えて 見返りも求めずに物品を貢ぎまくろう!!

Image for HOPE LEFT ME

You wake up in a mysterious place, alone and freezing to death, the only person around seems to be a weird girl with a long sleeve soviet jersey.

Image for The Aquarium does not dance

This is a horror adventure game where a girl, devoted to her best friend, searches for her companion in an aquarium that has transformed into a world of horror. While evading the deformed entities known as "Creepies," the player must unravel the mysteries concealed within the aquarium.

Image for Undertale

UNDERTALE! The RPG game where you don't have to destroy anyone.

Image for いるかにうろこがないわけ


Image for Lita's Dream

Popular high school girl Lita finds herself trapped in a strange dreamlike world. She needs to escape from a dangerous, eerie castle with the help of her mysterious ally, Ian.

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