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Dude Simulator 5

Mar 10, 2023





Dude Simulator 5 is an open world sandbox game. Your goal is to become president! However, it will not be so easy to do this, which means that many adventures await you on your way.


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Extremely violent Physics-based sandbox game with lots of custom content, active ragdoll physics and gore for fun, killing time, and stress relief.

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In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. This event shocked the whole world. Unjustified aggression must be condemned, and the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin - punished.

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Dave is the banana man who is keep shooting enemies and get their banana,and use some cool mechanic such as dash,double jump,grapple hook and rocket jump.If you are finding fast paced shooter game,this is what you need

Image for Dude Simulator

Dude Simulator is an open world sandbox game. This is a life simulator. The main objective is to enjoy what you are doing.

Image for Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Grab your balloon crossbow and trusty inflatable hammer, because things are about to get wobbly! Be the last weirdo standing in the world-leading physics-based Battle Royale game.


Adolf Hitler almost 80 years after his death returns to suffer punishment for the Holocaust and his other crimes by becoming the object of torture for thousands of gamers from around the world.

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Join fast-paced action-packed combat. Play Combat Master -- AAA experience on any hardware. Best-in-class multiplayer gunfight. Next-level extreme performance. Lightning-speed loading time and a whole lot more.

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Run, jump, and climb using only your hands. Play tag or infection with people online. Run away from the infected players, or outmaneuver the survivors to catch them. Embrace your inner ape.

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Dude Simulator 3 is an open world sandbox game. It is your friend’s birthday tomorrow. You have already bought him a present, now you only have to give it to him. But your friends lives in another city, quite far from you.


DR LIVESEY: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, gentlemen, from now on, rom and death means the same thing for you.

Image for Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition

Ready the Peashooters and prepare for the craziest, funniest shooter in the universe: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2.

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Battle a friend in this fast paced 1v1 class-based first-person shooter. Chess takes a back-seat to FPS as you win duel after duel and capture the opponent's pieces until you've beaten their king and won the game.

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