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Steel Racer

Jun 19, 2023





Steel Racer is a 2D pixelated old school racing game, inspired by classics from the 80s and 90s era, featuring great chiptune music, arcade gameplay style and high speed cars! Are you ready to become the "Steel Racer"!?


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Image for Dadish 2

He’s a dad and a radish, and he’s back in his biggest adventure yet! Help reunite Dadish with his missing kids in this charming and challenging platforming adventure.

Image for Wild Dogs

The world is under a frantic alien attack. Amidst the chaos and with the army virtually subdued, the deadliest and most inconsequential pair of specialists are called upon to do what must be done. Join the war hunting aliens around the world and in every way possible.

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Image for Isolated Room

What to do when your days are not going well? What to do when you need to wake up and manage a troubled life, in which you need to work, eat well and still have time for yourself? Isolated Room is about that, and maybe a little more.

Image for Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara

Join Koa and Napopo on a 3D platformer adventure through the islands of Mara! Outwit traps, explore the ocean, maneuver dangerous environments, and have fun in 8 wild worlds on their quest to recover stolen pirate loot.

Image for Charrua Soccer - Pro Edition

With lots of action and adrenaline, Charrua Soccer is an arcade that brings you only the most fun part of soccer! Play friendly matches, tournaments or create your team and lead it to glory in career mode! Have fun playing alone or with friends, in competitive or cooperative mode!

Image for Murtop

Murtop is a fast-paced arcade game packed with action, as if it was taken out directly from the 80's. Do you have enough coins to beat it?

Image for Swords & Bones 2

Swords and Bones 2 is an action-platform game with RPG features, inspired by 80s and 90s classics! Fight through levels filled with monsters, avoid traps and collect power-ups & trophies in this new epic second chapter!

Image for Dr. Fetus' Mean Meat Machine

Help Dr. Fetus create the perfect Meat Boy clone in a unique new twist on the tile-matching puzzle genre. In classic Meat Boy fashion, an endless cavalcade of devious and deadly traps stand between you and victory in this hardcore puzzle game that will push your skills to the limit.

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Image for Shame Legacy

Shame Legacy is a first-person survival-horror, set in a forsaken cultist village. You attempt to survive using stealth and escape. By solving puzzles, you unravel the mystery that's h(a)unting you.

Image for SOULVARS

Get ready to ignite your SOUL! SOULVARS is a pixel art, turn-based deckbuilding RPG inspired by classic JRPGs with a modern twist. Unravel a dark conspiracy as your party of Soulbearers faces off against invading Dominators in dynamic, action-packed battles.

Demo available Store
Image for Katana Soul

Play as the samurai Kan and fight in a dark, demon-infested Japan. Face this 100% arcade experience without any credits or saves: you can only rely on your skills with the katana.

Image for Retro Kart Rush

Retro Kart Rush is a retro racing game that will transport you back to the 16-bit era. Where friendships were made (or broken) by playing multiplayer games in front of the TV.

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