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Image for The Castle Burns!
The Castle Burns!

Mar 3, 2023


Benevolent Banana Studio


Benevolent Banana Studio

Kill literally all of the Goblins, Orcs and other monsters with ridiculous oversized weapons and items born from pure insanity in this 2D Roguelike Arena Survival game! Do it fast, because The Castle Burns!


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Image for Sakura Alien

Haru is a university student with a passion for the stars. He was content enough to observe space from afar, through a telescope - until a strange girl who claims to be an alien crash lands into him, and claims him for her husband!

Image for The Legend of Gwen

Join this amazing magical adventure and help Gwen restore the moons! The legend of Gwen is a hardcore platform game, with a retro style, where the objective is to get all the stars in each level, but the real question is... can you do it?

Image for Oakenfold

Immerse yourself in a captivating world of tactical brilliance. Armed with your revolutionary TimeScrubber™, you'll have to navigate countless perilous encounters. For the indie strategy lovers seeking a fresh challenge, this game is your gateway to strategic mastery.

Demo available Store
Image for Anime vs Evil: Apocalypse

Defeat evil forces together with those cute anime girls! This fast-paced anime shooter thrusts you into a vibrant world under siege by malevolent forces, and only a squad of adorable yet formidable anime girls can save the day.

Demo available Store
Image for Joon Shining

Master the elements. Explore mystical worlds. Harness ancient powers. Joon Shining is an enchanted golf-like platformer with a fantasy twist. Use magic to bend physics, influence environments, and make impossible shots, as you puzzle your way through a strange & mythic multiverse

Demo available Store
Image for Wild Frontier

Escape to an enchanting, living sandbox surrounded by wildlife and nature.

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It's time for competitive puzzle and shooting action! Face an opponent in this arcade-style blend of jigsaw building and shooting! Defeat hordes of monsters as they pile on to the screen, and finish your puzzle first to win!

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Get your bouncing bunny quick fix with Rotund Zero, a casual approach to hardcore platforming!

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The second installment of the dramatic shooter that gained popularity in the arcades is now coming to Steam with +α elements!

Demo available Store
Image for Jet Buster

Jet Buster is the new 90s anthro shmup, going back to the cuter roots of the genre.

Image for JETMAN

A simple jumping action game using only one button!

Demo available Store
Image for Death or Treat

The Halloween spirit is missing! Play as Scary and help him save HallowTown. "Death or Treat" is a 2D action-roguelite and hack & slash, with handpainted environments and traditional animation. Explore all the worlds and defeat hordes of enemies using different weapons and skills.

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