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Image for Curse of Kisera
Curse of Kisera

Feb 13, 2023


Yoiko Books


Yoiko Books

Monster Party RPG. 3D RPG+2D Novel ADV. Berry, a girl who can impregnate monster children, leaves her hometown to solve the mystery of her constitution.


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Image for Is It Wrong to Repay the Debt in a Dungeon?

To repay the debt, both Akane and her mother have to earn a lot of money! Explore the dungeon, challenge strong enemies, and even use her own body! Everything she is trying to do is for saving her family!!

Image for Jenni's DONG has got it GOIN' ON: The Jenni Trilogy

Three remastered erotic classics, one big meaty package! You're texting Jenni, a bodacious bimbo with a massive member. If you can keep her entertained, you will be rewarded!

Image for Dungeon Tavern

An erotic sandbox in which a pair of innocent adventurers must live in a tavern filled with sex crazed monsters! Control their fate and forge your own narrative in this tale of debauchery and corruption!

Image for Almastriga: Relics of Azathoth

An erotic 2D Action-RPG, Almastriga will have you explore, fight, and seduce your way through an army of eldritch evil.

Image for Nandemoya of Flower Street

As a legendary assassin, you embark on an adventure with the mysterious girl next door and the calm guard, free to create their own style of combat, complete the entrustment to get rich pay, support automatic combat.

Demo available Store
Image for Open At Nine

“Massive debt, a shabby brothel, and a naughty succubus… This is all I get for defeating the Demon God?!” Hire monster girls to attract customers and pay off your debts! Don't forget to give your girls lots of hands-on job training!

Image for Femdom University 0

Femdom University 0 is an Open-World Survival-Dating-SimGame which is all about Femdom. You are a student in a university of dominant females where you have to take care of yourself and survive.

Image for Monstrous Love

Monstrous Love contains three adult short stories, focusing on women discovering their sexuality and freedom with gentle yet ferocious monsters. Be seduced by a world of love, sex, and claws in this sex-positive gaming experience!

Demo available Store
Image for FutaDomWorld

FutaDomWorld is a dystopian, futanari-femdom dating sim. Let's get weird.

Image for Under Contract

An erotic high-skill match 3 arcade game with a comedy-driven narrative that’s guaranteed to lighten a load or two. Climb the corporate ladder and take control!

Demo available Store
Image for A Lose Hero in the Castle of the Succubi

In this game, you will explore the Demon Castle by manipulating the characters in the pixel art. Walk around the various parts of the Demon Castle and talk to Succubus.

Image for Ruled by Rule

Luoxia Qiu, Xinghuo Yun and Piaoxu Liu, these three ladies are newly recruited as 'Public Order Princess' to uphold social security and discipline, fight against local malevolent gang, and investigate the truth of the world.

Demo available Store
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