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Image for Deitydead:Elder Trial
Deitydead:Elder Trial

Apr 1, 2024


Amii Game


Amii Game

This is a innovative Roguelike game. We've replaced traditional, linear skill progression with a revolutionary custom skill system.With this system, you can transform a simple fireball spell into a rapid-fire fireball machine gun, or even a high-damage, wide-area fireball cannon!


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Image for Ultimate Scroll

This is a casual card game set in the backdrop of cultivation-themed Xianxia world. In this game, players control cultivators who challenge demon caves, search for treasures in the treasure pavilion, and overcome tribulations in the heavenly tower to enhance their cultivation levels.

Image for 共鸣 ReMix

ReMix is a unique musical rhythm action game that combines the elements of Rogue games. In this world, you are able to choose from a variety of heroes with different fighting styles and use the power of music to battle against evil void monsters.

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Image for Twilight Survivors

A time-limited survival game infused with rogue-lite elements and an adorable art style! The world has plunged into darkness, and you are its sole beacon of hope. Will you endure until dawn, or succumb to repeated deaths in your quest? Fear not, for you can collect more coins to arm yourself!

Image for FateChessboard

《Fate Chessboard》 is a Minesweeper and DBG-style Roguelike game that combines an innovative turn-based combat system. you'll need to use wisdom and strategy to continuously build your own deck of cards, battle powerful enemies, and emerge victorious. Get ready to embark on your adventure!

Image for Godrop

One level of warning, cosmic droplet rampage! A roguelike game featuring impact piercing. Collect holy relics, build up your energy, and morph the droplets to invade the solar system and destroy the ignorant human fleet to the ground!

Image for Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother is a roguelike top-down action game, inspired by a Chinese mythology. Players will experience the journey of Chenxiang rescuing his mother, Sanshengmu, after mastering martial arts skills from Sun Wukong.

Image for The Devil Within: Satgat

Join Kim Rip, a Royal Guard whose humanity is gradually slipping away, on a thrilling 2.5D action-adventure platforming journey in 'The Devil Within: Satgat'. Uncover the mysteries of a desolate realm as you engage in stylish battles against formidable foes.

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Image for 闲置神话

挂爆电费,休闲摸鱼,偷懒耍滑!现代修真为皮;刷宝养成为骨;擦边玩梗为神。宅度与中二度突破天际,在游戏库内随时出击杀掉那些无聊的时间。其将为放置游戏中最离谱的奇葩;其名为 闲 置 神 话 !

Image for Where Dragon Spirits 龙魂在哪里

The Dragon Spirits series crossover search game will keep your eyes busy. Find all the hiding Dragon Spirits. Well hand-drawn scenes filled with adorable dragons. Short gameplay that won't take up too much of the player's time. Very easy to grab all achievements.

Image for Minishoot' Adventures

Fly into a charming handcrafted world and go on an adventure that mixes up open exploration with crispy twin-stick shooter action. Fight your way from the shiny overworld to the deepest caves, improve your ship and overcome the dungeons' bosses to rescue your friends!

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Image for 糟糕!他们太爱我了怎么办?

You'll immerse yourself in first-person perspective, encountering four boys with diverse personalities and appearances, embarking on various sweet love stories with them. The aloof boss, the gentle neighbor, the adorable coffeeboy, or the platonic friend? Among them, who will be your final choice?

Image for Artifact Seeker

Artifact Seeker is a 3D Roguelike Survivor RPG game. Aurorium continent is just a board of gods game. You can obtain artifacts by slaying enemies. How to use the power of artifacts, to play the game of gods? To end the game ? Or just be a god yourself. Artifact Seeker, Your choice.

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