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Image for Ara and the Empty Universe
Ara and the Empty Universe

Jan 30, 2023


Basim Aziz


Basim Aziz

It's been a few months since everyone mysteriously vanished. You find yourself driving from city to city looking for anyone and anything. But, so far your search has yielded nothing... You've got to keep looking... Keep busy... You can't let your thoughts fester.


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Image for Cooking Companions

Unravel the mystery in this cute psychological horror VN, set deep in the woods of the Tatras Mountains. Will you wind up on the chopping block?

Image for It gets so lonely here

A yandere yuri visual novel with a fairytale theme. Can you escape from your mysterious pursuer?

Image for You Will (Not) Remain

You must stay in your apartment as the city around you falls to an Eldritch horror.


Experience the stories of Haru, Erika, and Manami, a trio of friends navigating their feelings of love, connection, and just wanting to belong.

Image for Project Kat - Paper Lily Prologue

Project Kat is a short, unconventional RPG horror game in which there is always another way. Solve puzzles, make friends (or not), and guide Kat as she attempts to uncover the mystery behind a strange golden letter.

Image for Zelle

Zelle is a occult adventure game. You can explore the inside and outside of the castle using adventure game mechanics and battle demons with strategic mouse clicks. Your goal in this game is to bring the protagonist home.

Image for Without A Voice

In the depths of a forest, an exiled princess whiles her time in solitude. One day, a mysterious, beautiful maiden appears, throwing her world out of its alignment. A dark fantasy visual novel following the intertwining paths of these two women. In seven days, the wheel of fate will splinter...

Image for Our way down

You are suddenly spirited away to a dark plateau. Here, alone, you'd probably die. But, someone else is here sharing in your peril. Perhaps together, you can find a way out.

Image for What Comes After

What Comes After is a side-scrolling adventure and a short heartwarming story about learning how to love yourself. Help Vivi in her journey on the train to the afterlife and back.

Image for Graveyard Girls

Graveyard Girls is a halloween-themed yuri visual novel about complicated grief and overcoming hardships. Collect Elle’s “scribbles” to learn about her struggles, befriend a mysterious girl, and have a conversation about death.

Image for Lily's Well

It is a rainy night in the Spring of 2005. Lily is left home alone after her Papa put her to bed. She is awoken by a cry for help outside her window. It is coming from the well. Help Lily gather rope to go down the well and save the poor soul trapped down there.

Image for YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story

YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story is the visual novel medium in its purest form. Will Shinichi choose Miyuki, the beautiful queen bee of the school, or the endearingly awkward misfit Aoi? With art by Tsuji Santa, these beautifully rendered romances will stay with you forever.

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