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Feb 10, 2023


BloodRain Publishing


Conglomerate 5

INVASION - is the simplest 3D shooter with surviving elements in which you must survive on an unknown planet.


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HITLER: BDSM BUNKER is third-person shooter where you have to kill zombies in the post-apocalyptic world. you will meet a lot of bloodthirsty zombies who have only one thing on their mind - to kill you, and you in turn have to kill them all.

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The Last Hike - is an excellent 2D adventure game, with elements of survival, in which you need to resist the ancient evil, playing as a knight named Richard.

Image for CATACOMBS: The Beginning

Catacombs: The Beginning - is an excellent 3D shooter where you have to survive in the catacombs overfull of various monsters.

Image for DUCK: Dangerous Ultimate Cartridge Kidnapper

A group of ducklings finds a mysterious 100-in-1 cartridge and are now forced to play all the games to escape the insidious cartridge spirit! 100 microgames, fun and increasing difficulty—what more do you need for an interesting adventure?

Image for Perseus: Titan Slayer

Defeat the Titans as you battle your way into Tartarus to stop Chaos from conquering Olympus and destroying the world. In this rogue-like dungeon crawler adventure, you will play as Perseus, a demigod tasked with one mission; stop Chaos and the evil forces that surround him.

Image for ARIA: Genesis

Blast, bomb and bang you way to finding a cure that can save your boyfriend from dying. After all, how else will you be able to enjoy his di- I mean, his amazing personality for years to come?

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Sex Holes - is the simplest 2D puzzle the final goal of which to give you pleasure!


SEX WITH TOYS - is the simplest 2D puzzle the final goal of which to give you pleasure!

Image for CYBER SEX

CYBER SEX - is the simplest 2D puzzle the final goal of which to give you pleasure!

Image for The Lone Alien

This is a story about an alien who had a shipwreck on a planet where people lived and now he needs to figure out how he can leave this planet.After all, people's technologies are far behind those that he has on the planet.

Image for Burning Horns: A Bara Isekai JRPG

Burning Horns is a Bara Isekai JRPG that takes place in a realm in which free love has always been the rule until a demon popped up trying to destroy everything. Go on a hunt, Choose your partners, Make choices, Bring back the colors to a fantastical realm, and Return to your home!

Image for Furry Holes

Furry Holes - is a classic 2D game in the memory genre which is about you find the same pictures and enjoy different images of furry beautiful ladies.

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