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GirlFriend VR

Jan 4, 2023


Rabbit Games


Rabbit Games

Would you like to have sex with your cute girlfriend in VR? Wherever, whenever, and wearing whatever. It's your choice! Do whatever you want to your own horny girlfriend. Enjoy a world with only the two of you in it without being bothered by anybody.


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A VR erotic game to immerse yourself in the world of erotic anime for the ultimate sex experience!

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The long-awaited VR game that allows you to have sex however you like for as long as you like has launched! She is all yours. Please do as you please and have some fun. Please enjoy this extremely erotic VR game that is lifelike and immersive!

Image for Hentai VR 3

A hardcore hentai VR experience where you can play with your own harem of naked beauties in a night pool!

Image for VR Hentai Hot

This is precisely the hottest, sexiest VR! The best erotic experiences await you.

Image for BDSM VR

Experience graphic, realistic S&M. This girl is yours and yours alone, so feel free to love, hold, and tease her to your heart's content...

Image for Hentai VR 18+

You'll experience a realistic, intimate encounter with a beautiful girl in VR that is so shockingly immersive that you'll swear you were actually right there.

Image for VR Hentai Simulation

Packed with lots of kinky stuff. Realistic, naughty, and immersive! Unleash your fetishes in VR! These beautiful women will accept any kind of perversion. What kind of perverted play will you do?


In VR, anything is possible! Enjoy realistic sex play!


A VR game for perverts by true perverts.You can go on a date at an amusement park with your girlfriend.

Image for VR Bukkake

Would you like to try ejaculating all over a woman's face? Would you like to have an endless supply of sperm? You can make this happen through VR. Now go ahead and unleash your desires.

Image for VR Masturbate

Masturbate as a woman and enjoy climaxing with VR phantom sensation!

Image for VR Hentai Sex Party

Welcome to the perverted metaverse. Here, you can enjoy orgies in virtual reality.

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