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Sorry We're Open

Feb 17, 2023





Sorry, We're Open is a Supermarket Management Horror RPG. As the new Manager of your local supermarket, you'll need to make the hard decisions to keep the store running. Remember, your store's reputation and your employees' livelihoods are in your hands.


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Image for LISA: The Painful

The miserable journey of a broken man...

Image for Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich is a turn-based RPG by Andy Brophy. Get a job, beat up some monsters, and solve a mystery that's plaguing Bright City.

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Image for 24 Killers

Explore a desert island full of oddities, transform into monsters you've rescued, collect mysterious spirits, and unlock mods that change up future playthroughs.

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A colorful pixel-art metroidvania/point-and-click adventure hybrid about magic, cute witches and joys of vandalism.

Image for Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

One day, Jimmy looked inside.

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The unauthorized, kid-friendly version of the classic Stephen King thriller (or maybe not, maybe it's just a game about one-horned goatbabies)

Image for There Swings a Skull: Grim Tidings

Enter the doomed town of Pareildas. Watch as the flames turn bone and stone to ash. Like joined wicks, we'll all burn together.

Image for Lost Cartridge - Cold Read

While trying to find a payphone during a powerful storm, Mitch instead finds himself in a library filled with horrors and traps all laid out to end his life. Guide him to sanctuary or his demise in this horror adventure game found on a strange cartridge.

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Your entire life has been a lie. There are catacombs under every home and building, stretching down for miles. Something calls you deeper into the labyrinth. Delve into the depths, and discover the monstrosities below.

Image for Glittermitten Grove

Just like the faeries in your garden, we love collecting berries for our prickleberry loaves and finding treasure with our special fribblesham fireworks. Come join us in our faerieland, full of strange adventure!

Image for Air Marty

Experience 64 endings in a web of insane mini games and hand drawn artwork as Marty tries his dang ol' best to enjoy his family vacation.

Image for My monstrous roommate. (étude)

There is a monster living in your apartment.

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