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Image for The Forgotten Concluder
The Forgotten Concluder

Apr 26, 2023


Kunpo Games


Kunpo Games

“The Forgotten Concluder” is a third person perspective 3D Role-playing game base on the ancient Chinese fantasy wu-xia world. Being a young teenager Shen Zi-Jun that grew in a isolated valley, taking on a adventure to discover a great secret and his true dentity.


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Image for Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the heroes were fighting for hegemony, and the flames were everywhere. In the game, players played the role of Zhao Yun, a well-known general of the Three Kingdoms, and interpreted the story of his youth.

Image for Wandering Sword

Wandering Sword is a Chinese martial-arts RPG where you play a young swordsman caught up in a feud and nearly dies. Escaping the event puts you on the path of pursuing the highest form of martial arts and exploring the pugilistic world to become the great hero you are always destined to be.

Image for 河洛群俠傳 (Ho Tu Lo Shu : The Books of Dragon)

Ho Tu Lo Shu: The Books of Dragon inherits the trademark feature of Heluo, high degree of freedom for players, creating an wuxia style open world for the first time. With realistic art style and rich character development, Ho Tu Lo Shu:The Books of Dragon allows player to explore a vast wuxia world and create their own adventure with the...

Image for Xuan-Yuan Sword VII

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is an ARPG rooted in Chinese history and mythology. Players take on the role of Taishi Zhao, a calm and reliable swordsman who was accidentally involved in a tragic fate. To protect his beloved family, he starts a journey in this chaotic realm to find the truth.

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Image for 天外武林 (Traveler of Wuxia)

Traveler of Wuxia is a deck-buiding rogue-lite game that combine the plot twist from the Wuxia novel and the variety of martial arts. This game allows you to explore a Wuxia world that you never experience.

Image for Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion

Hero's Adventure:Road to Passion is a wuxia open-world RPG. You will commence your journey as an underdog in the tumultuous Martial World and will be met with a wide array of choices as you navigate your own heroic saga.

Image for Murders on the Yangtze River

"Murders on Yangtze River" is an Ace Attorney-like detective game that takes you on a journey through early 20th century China as you solve a series of intriguing cases. Use your logical reasoning and deduction skills to uncover clues, interrogate suspects, and solve the mysteries.

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Image for 侠客风云传(Tale of Wuxia)

Tale of Wuxia has been dedicated to providing gameplayers with a player-defined platform, where they can customize their own Wuxia. Instead of being restricted to characters’ basic properties, in this new version, gameplayers can also choose the personalities and talents of their own.

Image for Xuan-Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament

The “Xuan-Yuan Sword” is an epic oriental RPG series with 25 years of history.It elaborates on the very heart of this series, the idea of "one, looking at the same thing from different angles, may come to different conclusions. " through a variety of historical incidents in different times.

Image for 侠客风云传前传(Tale of Wuxia:The Pre-Sequel)

Tale of Wuxia: The Pre-Sequel, the authentic sequel of Tale of Wuxia which surpasses the latter it in every way, is a CRPG developed by Fenghuang Game and Heluo Studio. This U3D-based game includes better story, funnier events and enhanced gameplay.

Image for The Wind Road

"The Wind Road" is an ARPG real-time combat game, constructing a martial-arts world based on the ancient Silk Road under the background of a fictional era.

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