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Mar 16, 2023


Aleksey Izimov


Aleksey Izimov

"No:Worse" is a beautiful love story unfolding between two vulnerable individuals with kind but fragile hearts. Throughout it, you will encounter moments of despair, heartbreak, and deceit. And conquering these flaws lies entirely in your hands.


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Image for Unnatural: Benighted

Two friends investigate the disappearance of people and encounter unexplained phenomena.

Image for Last Resort

Dive into the mysterious world of the "Last Resort", a non-linear visual novel where past and future are woven together. His life’s breaking under the weight of life problems. Unable to fight any further, He decides to take his final journey. Will it change anything? Or will it lead Him to the end?

Image for Russian Village Simulator

This is a simulator of life in the Russian countryside, where the player will be engaged in the garden, picking mushrooms and berries, collect firewood, hunting and fishing, brew moonshine and much, much more.

Image for KAKU: Ancient Seal

An Open world Action adventure combining exploration with puzzles and dynamic combat. Go on a journey across a sprawling continent as Kaku, a young boy tasked to restore balance to the land. Brave the four elemental regions with the help of Piggy, his powerful companion and conquer their lords.

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Image for 3D PUZZLE - Factory

Collect a 3D puzzle, transferring things to the right places to create a beautiful place.

Image for Stolen Memories

Hot girls are distracting you from your studies, but you still have to get into the prestigious university! Love or money - which would you choose? Or maybe both? Find out in Stolen Memories - a unique harem visual novel with cute girls!

Image for Bad cat Sam

The cat, named serious Sam, is very upset when the house is in order and everything is in its place. Help Sam get inner peace.

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A sinister force now controls the city of Neutropolis. A once-thriving city full of beauty and light, Neutropolis has been reduced to a a stagnant pit of apathy.

Image for Overwatch® 2

Overwatch 2 is a critically acclaimed, team-based shooter game set in an optimistic future with an evolving roster of heroes. Team up with friends and jump in today.

Image for Sky in your eyes

Visual novel about the life in the post-soviet country. Cute artstyle, 10 animated CGs, 5 BGs and 5 chibi CGs in 4k, English voice-over for each heroine, animated live2d sprites, original OSTs and a dramatic story!

Image for LEZORUB

Is a simulation and clicker game where players become a skilled carpenter surviving in the wild. They complete contracts, improve carpentry skills, gather wood, and expand their settlement. The ultimate goal is to craft quality furniture and thrive in the challenging environment.

Image for IKO 39

Find out what happened at the station, which had lost contact with the Earth. EMI – the artificial intelligence of the station – will help you to solve the mystery. But be careful. You are not alone on the planet...

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