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Image for Protect Harem City
Protect Harem City

Feb 15, 2023





Protect Harem City is a strategy tower defense game where you are the tower that will protect the city! Arm yourself with lots of weapons and skills and be ready to be the defender of Harem. Are you ready to appease everyone's lust?


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Image for Lusty God

Lusty God is a puzzle game where you are a God that decided to create a whole world out of boredom. Explore lots of elements and make lots of interesting things to satisfy your lust! Let's start creating!

Image for Nympho's Path

Nympho's Path is a hentai puzzle game for adults, where your goal is to defeat every enemy who stands in your way of pleasure. Are you ready to make everything try to satisfy your lust?

Image for Golem Builder

Golem Builder is a strategy game where you build a golem to be the best of them all! Build and upgrade your golem with lots of different parts. Are you ready to become the best of them all?

Image for Intense Love Shot

In a world invaded by succubus, only YOU can save everyone by using your unique power to make all of her nightmares(or dreams) come true!

Image for Exquisite Fishing

Exquisite fishing is a casual fishing game. In this adventure, you'll need to improve your fishing to its best to be able to catch every single creature in the ocean! What mysteries does the ocean hold?

Image for Succubus: Hunt For Meal

Succubus: Hunt for Meal is a hentai puzzle game for adults, where your goal is to consume all the life force of all the enemies our protagonist encounter. This game aims to make you relax and have fun with original and handmade arts.

Image for Alchemist's Secret

Become an Alchemist ready to make lots and lots of potions! Use your knowledge to sort every potion you can, and make sure to satisfy yourself after every completion. How many potions can you sort?

Image for Yeetus

You are YEETUS! Your weapon? The very floor beneath your feet! YEET your surrounding terrain into destructive projectiles. Be strategic, though. A hasty shot may mean a long fall down to your doom in YEETUS, a casual time survivor game with rogue-lite elements.

Image for Knowledge Fever

Knowledge Fever is a quiz game where you are a guy wanting to learn more about everything in the biggest library in the world! But this library holds some nasty secrets only those inside know. . . are you ready to enter there?

Image for Hentai Animation Puzzle

Hentai Animation Puzzle is a hentai puzzle game for adults, where your goal is to put all the pieces together to reveal a HENTAI image or animation and relax with original and handmade arts.

Image for Astral Druids

Be ready to protect the astral plane and survive the relentless monsters lust! Using the druids powers you'll be able to defeat every oponent, or make them kneel for you. Do you have what it takes to conquer them?

Image for Bankrupt Heroines

The world is doomed and monsters are taken over. The heroine has to save the world and save loved ones even in bankruptcy. Countless difficulties await, but the true heroine will not give up.

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