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Maze Of The Gamja

Jul 27, 2022





Solve Gamja-puzzles and Acquire Gamja-knowledges! Maze Of The Gamja is a free liner puzzle game with Gamja. Move or active your Gamja and get sweet potatos. 66 stages, 193 photos and 75 Gamja-knowledge are waiting for you.


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Image for Outatime

Those boards don't work on water! Outatime is a futuristic multiplayer hoverboard racing game. Lean-to-move system designed from the ground up for VR. Race against the clock and other hoverboarders in a futuristic setting. Will you claim victory, complete the race, or be out of time...

Image for CustomBullet

Endless customization and exhilarating robot action!Speed, power, size, all at your own will.An overwhelming sense of speed that runs through the body.Huge craters and concrete jungles create high-speed battles.Game for Robo-Game Fans.

Image for TrainFormation

TrainFormation is a simple, fast-paced puzzle game created by one student as a university project. Place rails in front of an ever-accelerating train to cross procedurally generated levels, reach stations, collect power ups and make it as far as you can!

Image for Desktop Jumpscares

Desktop Jumpscares is a game-overlay that scares you with crAaAaAzzzy jumpscares anywhere on the go. You can customize sounds, frequency, images, and some other fun options to guarantee you crap your pants

Image for Fall Minamo

Save the lovely Minamo from flooding!

Image for Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S

"Hatsune Miku Logic Paint -MIKULOGI-" has evolved! Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S is now available on the Steam!

Image for Delete Virus;

Let's become a computer vaccine 'CCAV' to fight computer viruses and aim for A+! Rhythm action game DELETE VIRUS; for passing the virus practical test.

Image for OneHanded

Short Retro style sci-fi 3d shooter-platformer with shooting mechanics, where you play as a cyborg shooting and escaping from enemies.

Image for Monster Showdown: Prologue

Monster Showdown: Prologue is the first 3 maps of an action packed VR shooter. Increase your chances of survival against an ever growing horde of monster by exploring your environment and strengthening yourself by picking up Perks, Ranged Weapons and Melee Weapons.

Image for Takoyaki Party Survival

You should consume a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to survive. The nutritional balance changes depending on the ingredients you put in your takoyaki. If you are overloaded with calories, you will be too full to eat, so please consume calories by squatting.

Image for Koa: The Forgotten Gods

Become Kalena, a warrior who finds herself pursuing her revenge against the goddess of volcanoes, travel through the fantastic islands of the Pacific, seek the blessings of the Forgotten Gods and fight Tiki minions to dispel the curse that gnaws at you.

Image for Tracing Decay

Tracing Decay is a dark dystopian simulation, that revisits impactful art that revolves around themes of decay, memory loss and recollection. The experience allows the player to explore the environment freely in search for several galleries within the ruins.

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