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Aug 1, 2022


Studio Impasse


Studio Impasse

Hermea is an intern at Hermes' Delivery Service who transports mail by traversing perilous environments on foot and using a variety of abilities. Control Hermea to race against the clock and deliver timely as a faster time will reward a better score in this third person speedrunning platformer!


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Image for Equinoxe

Equinoxe is a contemplative & narrative game with puzzle phases taking place in two mirrored worlds. Discover a quest for self-acceptance and restore the fragile balance of your world by using its main source of energy: water.

Image for My Therapy

A visual novel about cute melancholic girls!

Image for Hermit Home Designer

Yamasen-Chan is a hikikomori who lives in isolation and never leaves her home. Will you help her make a comfy home in this hikikomori themed visual novel designing game?

Image for Third Power

Third Power is a unique puzzle adventure where players alternate between forms with distinct abilities in order to progress through a mysterious tomb. Avoid traps, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of an enigmatic curse as you advance toward discovering your third—and final—power.

Image for Arali

Fight your way through hordes of enemies, rescue the five forest spirits and bring them back to their tree, and lift the curse plaguing the Enchanted Forest!

Image for Itchy Scratchy

A person approaches you with a simple request: "Friend! I have itch, scratch for me?" How can you resist? They seem so nice, so itchy, and oh so scratchable. WARNING: This game is way too short and will leave you dissatisfied. But, hey, it's free. Play at your own risk.

Image for Cracking the Cryptic

Curated Sudoku puzzles from YouTube's most popular Sudoku channel, Cracking the Cryptic!

Image for Aztlan Uncovered: Prologue

Explore an archeological site long lost to the ages. Use your time-reversing equipment to reveal the past and discover the secrets amidst the frozen wasteland.

Image for Ellisar

Dive into this magical underwater adventure. Explore a corrupted environment moving with your two transformations to help fix the disaster that almost ended life around your world. Ellisar is a third person contemplative exploration and adventure game.

Image for UnHappy Place

UnHappy Place is a game that concentrates on depression. The main goal of the state is to better the main character's mental health by doing simple things, such as cleaning the apartment.

Image for That's Not How it Happened

Disaster! When the Turner family’s inn burns down, they must recount the events that took place leading up to its fiery end!

Image for Trash Bomber

Inspect randomly generated piles of trash, poured into the incinerator. Find all the objects that aren't allowed to be burned down, and... BLOW THEM UP!

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