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Twin Cobra

Feb 14, 2023


Bitwave Games, Toaplan


Bitwave Games

Blast battalions of tanks into smoking craters and conquer air and sea from the sky's fastest attack chopper! Toaplan's coin-op shooter Twin Cobra flies to PC with fresh features and quality-of-life updates!


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Image for Truxton

The ruthless Gidans invite you to an explosive space scramble! Head into the mighty Super Fighter and disintegrate your foes in all directions with various upgradeable weapons. Toaplan's no-frills vertical shooter Truxton speeds onto PC with new features and quality-of-life updates!

Image for Out Zone

Blast through alien hordes as the finest cyborg mercenary in existence! To emerge victorious, you'll need to manage time and resources skillfully. Toaplan's run-and-gun smash-hit finally arrives on PC, reloaded with new features and quality-of-life extras!

Image for Zero Wing

Defend the galaxy from vicious space pirates! Seize your foes and fire them back at their allies for devastating destruction in Toaplan's legendary horizontal arcade shooter, now on PC with all-new features and quality-of-life bonuses!

Image for BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted


Image for Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade

Darius is one of the pioneers of the side-scrolling shoot 'em genre, and the Steam version replicates the multi-screen arcade experience with 4 different titles and 7 versions filled with aquatic-lifeform-themed bosses and epic, Zuntata-composed soundscapes!

Image for Metal Black™ S-Tribute

Collect NEWALONE to level up your beam, then release energy! The home console version of the incredible side-scrolling shooter Metal Black is back with online rankings. Two players can play together!

Image for Akai Katana Shin

Be guided anew into an epic tale set in the Taisho era with three titles from Cave's Akai Katana series that has captured the hearts of passionate shoot 'em up fans. New features include an online leaderboard and new musical arrangements.

Image for Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium

Play more of your favorite arcade hits from yesteryear. Includes SONSON for free!

Image for Anniversary Collection Arcade Classics

8 KONAMI arcade classics of the 80s, from Nemesis to TwinBee. Including bonus eBook packed with new information never before revealed to the public.

Image for Dragon Blaze

The shooter of riding the dragon's back. Master the techniques of the dragon and magic shot! And with online rankings.


The original beautiful girl side-scrolling shooter is back! This work commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Cotton series.

Image for GanaBlade

This is a hot barrage shooting game. Destroy enemy planes with powerful firepower, shuttle and evade in the barrage. Various scenes with rich colors Planets, Fire Stars, Jupiter Stars, Water Stars, and huge battleships. It's time to drive a space fighter and show your strength! !

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