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Image for Everything Has Arms
Everything Has Arms

Aug 9, 2022





High-five a cannon, chase a flowerpot or escape the vicious hunters in Everything has Arms, a fast-paced hide and seek VR game. Room-Scale VR highly recommended.


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Image for Operation Pill

Operation Pill is the story of a small and brave pill that gets into your body and saves it from pathogenic bacteria. Arm yourself with an electrostatic shield and a germicidal cannon and save your body!

Image for Alexandria - Port of Worlds

Cannes XR and NewImages Festival are proud to announce the launch of Alexandria, a new futuristic virtual world showcasing the best of international VR creation and designed to host immersive events throughout the year! 🕶️🌐🕶️

Image for Burial Stone

A tile based dungeon crawl. Delve into a dark horrifying dungeon, with weird creatures and unexpected dangers. Use spells, skills and weapons to traverse the dangers.

Demo available Store
Image for Fallen Stars

Fallen Stars is the story of a astronaut called Thomas Jackson who travel to I.C.E.S 1 space station to perform several duties along side with his crewmates. They worked together to perform several duties on the space station. During their journey back earth, unexpected things happen to them.

Image for The Moonlight Circus

In this first-person VR-Horror game, you wake up in the middle of an empty circus arena, with a syringe in your arm and the feeling of being watched. Solve puzzles and discover clues to unveil the tragic backstory and find your way out.

Image for My Dad Left Me

Welcome to My Dad Left Me, a sequel to Scuffy Game that no one on Earth asked for.

Image for Surgical Robot Simulator

A real surgical robot simulation game, observe human organs from the inside of the abdominal cavity, and use various instruments to grasp, cut and clip the organs freely to complete the real operation. Be careful not to bleed. Challenge to complete all levels from simple to difficult

Image for QuantumVR

QuantumVR is a virtual reality game that teaches you to solve small quantum algorithms by placing simple quantum gates. In addition, a 2D version is available.

Image for Eleonor's Nightmares

A fractured family, a lonely little girl, a mystery beyond the walls of dreams... Something is happening, and it doesn't seem to be good. Explore Molly Eleonor's nightmares, find the truth and, more importantly, do not die. Enjoy this new and scary adventure, you won't sleep again.

Image for Music is the Language

Music is The Language is a VR music video featuring a new song by DJ Dani Magnani. Explore a mystical planet, following the surround beat of trumpets, voice, and guitars, in this surreal experience.

Image for Expedia Cenote VR

Explore the Cenote in Expedia Labs VR. The experience takes you into the caves of similar cenotes that are found in the Yucatan Peninsula. Although a simulation of the true experience, you can learn facts and where you could find real cenotes if you wish to travel in the future.

Image for Ultimechs

Your mech is ready. The crowd roars. Welcome to the arena! The thrill of professional athletics meets the precision of purpose-built machines in Ultimechs, the latest multiplayer VR gaming experience from Resolution Games.

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