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Image for Pentomino

May 31, 2022





This game is very easy and very difficult. It is both simple and complex. It is a simple hardcore spatial logic puzzle game. NP->P? Find your way!


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Image for Dodge

Come to a tense and exciting game, Train your refection. Dodge incoming traps, Get a high score!

Image for Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

A comedy sci-fi point & click adventure game made in the style of the early 90s classics.

Demo available Store
Image for Slayin DX

Run through wave after wave of monsters with your weapons, spells or mounts in this endless single screen arcade game.

Image for Roar of Revenge

A game that puts together Rastan's action with adventure elements inspired by Faxanadu. An old school tribute for every lover of 8-bit classics!

Image for Kill the Superweapon

3D Twin-Stick Action game where bosses can roam from room to room in pursuit of the player. Samantha Kill is on a mission to take down Abaddon Inc. and their Bio-Mechanical Supersoldiers.

Image for Last Half of Darkness - Society of the Serpent Moon

Society of the Serpent Moon is a "Point and Click" style adventure where the player investigates and explores a mysterious small European town, uncovering the secrets behind Vampire-like murders that are plaguing its dark streets. BONUS: 3 Additional "Last Half" Games included FREE!

Image for The Rush

The Rush is a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up with graphics inspired by classic space shooters of the MSX. Buckle up and see if you have what it takes to master the highly adaptive Chameleon Quartz space fighter and single-handedly obliterate the alien invaders!

Image for ۩ Tomb of the Brave ۩

A turn based strategy game. Rapid level upgrade, high equipment drop, happy combination. There are a total of 11 characters, each with unique skills, and they will learn new additional skills after transfer. The combat section has sufficient content and diverse gameplay.

Demo available Store
Image for 漂流瓶盖 Drifting Bottle Cap

you returned home feeling exhausted. Everything has put a lot of pressure on you. Suddenly, you see several bottle caps in the water.

Image for Zenohell

Zenohell is a 90s inspired shoot-em'up (shmup) that is all about simple gameplay, just dodge, shoot, score, with vibrant pixel visuals and a kicking 28 track soundtrack, with lots of content to boot.

Image for Incredible Dracula: Legacy of the Valkyries

Gather your undead cronies and set off on a journey through fantastical lands and past fierce creatures of legend to claim a treasure beyond imagination! Count Dracula awaits your arrival.

Image for Hentai MILF Chloe

MILF Chloe is here to help you. She will REWARD you if you finish your chores 🧡 you can just sit back and RELAX.. 🧡

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