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Image for Devils' Night Party
Devils' Night Party

Apr 18, 2023





"When people forget 'him', we'll probably see a million devils partying in modern times..." So said a fragment of a lost ancient document...Could Natsuno Yamazakura protects the world’s peace?


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Image for 彷徨之街 The Street of Adrift


Demo available Store
Image for Harem of Monster Girls

One day, when I was immersed in a monster-girl game, I woke up as a summoned "Brave!" The unreliable and silly goddess, arrogant Elf queen, and gentle humanoid Slime all needed my help saving the world... It wouldn’t be hard to build a harem, would it?

Image for A Sex Slave's  Love Story

A girl named Qian Xiangxiang, with a unique identity and status. Follow her struggles to live and fight for her love in a modern fantasy world where the country is controlled by five major corporations.

Image for 孟德大小姐与自爆少年THREE KINGDOM FANTASY


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Image for Slave Doll

An easy and relaxing simulation game! Interactive animation game made entirely in LIVE2D!

Image for Save District 3

you will become the last hope of the team. Facing enemy invasion, you need to use various combat skills and the ability to collect items to save the base and reclaim a bright future for your homeland. In battles, you need to free your comrades, defeat enemies, eliminate evil.

Image for Rich Lady's Slave Role Play

I reluctantly agreed to accommodate my difficult supervisor from the company I had previously worked for – but, in return, she started to “play slave” as her payment! She’s calling me “master” and occasionally stripping me of my clothes, even putting her hands on me! What the hell was going on!?!

Image for Qi Luo’s Erotic Life

Every beautiful flower has its thorns. In pursuit of what she wants, the good-figured Qi Luo can satisfy all needs, except her heart, of different men as long as they need her and can meet her needs. In Qi Luo’s opinion, such a deed is called “needs for needs”.

Image for Sweet Beach Holidays

Sweet Beach Holidays is a casual card game. In this game, all charming girls hope to come to this island for vacation and enjoy the unique massage service. Enjoy this sweet holiday with them!

Image for Malicious ReloadⅡ

Suddenly one day, the humans completely disappeared from the street... 'What the hell is this ...? Stella Turner, a medicine intern hiding at home and quietly observing what was going on outside, took a certain course of action.

Demo available Store
Image for Moving in with My Step-sister

One day, I received a phone call from my folks informing me that my stepsister was moving to the same city for work. It turned out she would be staying in my flat for the time being. A bright pink comet barreled into my humdrum routine. And so, my exciting life began with my stepsister moving in...

Image for Two Months of Devil King

This game is an educational game of Roguelike-type where you develop your character through the successful defence of the adventurers while gaining points and develop bonds and special relationships with the girls you conquer! and even…?!

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