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Image for Jacktus Green: The Fluffy, the Spiky and the Spicy
Jacktus Green: The Fluffy, the Spiky and the Spicy

Jul 21, 2022


Broncho Games, ESAT



Chase Guindilla to retrieve your beloved Cattus! Jump, dash, and hook around in this 2.5D platformer. Discover different levels, fight enemies, ride minecarts and meet the bizarre neighbors of Sofrito Town.


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Image for Seeking Light

Seeking Light is an action adventure game in isometric perspective with a focus on boss fights. Fight your fears as Sunny and overcome the demons of your past. Explore your inner world, facing the personification of your phobias, and discover the story behind them.

Image for The Hunsa Magic

Take control of a mage with the unique ability of possesing golems, overcome obstacles and puzles reliying on both character sinergies and dismantle the plans of the cult of mages that are trying to awake "The ancient one".

Image for Ghost Trap

You've died and landed in purgatory, your options? Unending suffering or finding a way back to your world.

Image for Rolando The Majestic

Become Rolando the Majestic and find out how he became the most powerful wizard to ever live! Explore parallel levels using magic and time-travel in a stealth based narrative adventure in order to take vengance against the men who took everything from him as a child.

Image for MetälBörn

Techno has taken over your neighborhood. Honor your metal god Kilmister, arm yourself up to the baffles, raise the volume and show these punks which is the music that makes the shells shake. The metalheads are not dead, but the technos will be…

Image for 집착의 망자 - 집으로부터의 탈출

만약 당신의 집 안에 당신의 생명을 노리는 괴한이 들어온다면?

Image for Light & Shadow

When a star falls in a nearby forest, it spurs Po onto a quest to find that light and bring it into their life. Light & Shadow is a shadow puppet platformer where you face your anxieties, push past depression, and seek moments of joy in a grey world. Finding your way isn't always easy, keep going!

Image for Flappy Souls

A mix of Flappy Bird and Dark Souls

Image for Last Meow Standing

This lightning fast arena shooter brings you right back to the highscore hunts of the arcade era. Use your arsenal of deadly weapons wisely against the increasingly ferocious monster hordes to survive as long as you can.

Image for Supreme League of Patriots - Episode 3: Ice Cold in Ellis

Now an official Manhattan superhero, The Purple Patriot is still searching for his ticket to the big time. So when he learns of a siege at Wilson Chase bank, he realizes this is exactly the opportunity he's been waiting for. Forced to battle his own prejudices as much as terrorists, he sets about finding out who is behind the attack.

Image for My Darkest Witch

My Darkest Witch is a survival arena with huge waves of enemies caused by massive infestations of an unholy plague.

Image for Seaberry Keep

Play hide-and-seek with ghosts, decorate your room, grow plants, eat cookies, talk to a parrot, and explore!

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